Panagon and MGETDOC Application:open a doc, the doc goes to .zip file instead of going to the doc directly RRS feed

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  • Application: FileNet content SG (Panagon) and MGETDOC(Web application)

    Issue: when open a doc, the doc goes to .zip file instead of going to the doc directly. Only this issue happens for .xlsx,docs and pptx document.

    Note: On all client machine, we are using office 2007 and IE8 browser

    Cause: On 16<sup>th</sup> July 2013, . Net framework 4.5 is install on all our GI-D desktop machines. There after the issue is started .

    Application Background: Applications built on .net framework 1.1 and it can support up to 4.0 version on client machine to view the documents through panagon and MGETDOC application. Panagon (Filenet content services) is not supported in .net framework 4.5 and above.

    Work around: After I had troubleshooting and tested with one of our  system which has .net framework 4.5, IE8 does not support with HTML5 and tested with IE9 and Chrome, documents were able to open successfully. I had removed .Net framework 4.5 uninstalled and able to open the documents w/o any issue. And also we had give the work around as if the doc goes to zip file, they open the doc by removing the . zip extension and they can save it as .xlsx or docx file and they can able to open file.

    Please let us know if you there is a fix to export the files through framework 4.5 and do contact us if you need further details, we shall discuss on the same. Thank you for your support. Request you to email @ dinesh.alandkar@shell.com/dalandka@in.ibm.com


    Friday, January 17, 2014 6:13 AM