BUG? UEFI cannot load EFI binary on "top-level" of EFI System Partition RRS feed

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  • So I register the UEFI bootloader "rEFInd" with `efibootmgr` on a CentOS live environment, with and without a prefix (back)slash:

    Then Hyper-V gives me a "load error" on both of the entries:

    However, if I create a directory (e.g. named "test"), and copy the EFI binary to the directory, and register accordingly:

    Hyper-V can boot it successfully:

    As you can see, rEFInd found its copy on the "top-level" of the ESP. However, it cannot make Hyper-V boot that copy either:

    I thought this might be a bug of rEFInd. However, when I test the same things on my physical machine, its UEFI can boot EFI binary on the "top-level" of the ESP, either directly through a EFI boot entry, or "recursively" through the rEFInd menu. So is this a bug of Hyper-V's UEFI?

    P.S. This is how the rEFInd menu look like if I deleted its "top-level" copy:

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