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  • Is the following possible?

    Project Online has the facility for Project Workflow so in theory an organisation can see where Projects are in their "lifecycle" from Inception to Completion.

    I am working with a customer who has a large number of standard documents that are aligned to their project processes and governance and they like that we can make these available as "Content types" that are incorporated into the document library(s) that are set up in their Project Site Templates - we have created 3 different site templates to reflect the varying levels of governance in force with the light touch governance approach having far fewer Content Type documents available in it's document library(s) than a Gold Standard governance approach.

    At present as there are a large number of project documents available as Content Types we are looking to manage things by having separate document libraries to reflect the stages in their Project Workflow/Project Lifecycle to make things manageable.

    Would it be possible to have a single document library where the content types available are restricted to those relevant to the current Project Workflow/Project Lifecycle Phase of the project that the site is connected to? My thinking being we could have a site column with values that reflect the Project Workflow/Project Lifecycle Phases and that this meta data could be ascribed to the Content Types so that if a project is in the Design Phase then only documents with the Design Phase meta data value would be available as Content Types.

    There are at least 2 benefits to this approach - it would prevent people from creating documents in advance of where they are in the project lifecycle and also restrict retrospective creation of documents that should have been created in previous Phases but weren't (I appreciate that the devious human mind could figure out a way to circumvent this but it would add a few more hurdles to jump for those who have not been compliant).

    I am thinking that this might be possible but am not sufficiently SharePoint literate to definitively determine how it could be achieved.

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    Thursday, January 26, 2017 4:27 PM