Need help with DNS regarding ESRI ArcGIS replacement server RRS feed

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  • We currently host our ESRI ArcGIS on a Windows 2012 server.  We have a new server that is going to replace it that is Windows 2016.  Our GIS Specialist would like to be able to keep the old system up while he configures the new machine.  We are having problems configuring DNS the way ESRI wants it using a DNS Alias Name.  The internal network machine names are GIS2.TOB.LOCAL for the old machine and GIS.TOB.LOCAL for the new machine.  The old machine has an external name with an SSL cert of and a public IP.  We also need to use the external name for the new machine according to ESRI as it will get embedded in the SQL database and links and can’t be changed once created.  We’re not sure how to config that.

    Tuesday, December 4, 2018 5:07 PM