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  • Good Afternoon Community,

    I am having some difficulty coming up with an elegant solution to an activX scenario.

    Basically what I have is 2 .ocx files that need to be deployed to my domain (100+ units) that I would like to handle through group policy. I have done some reading on the ActivX Installer Utility but everything that I can tell it requires that the url be present. In my case I do not have a url for the files, I physically have the files on one of my servers.  I was wondering if there is an elegant way using GP to deploy these two files to the network.

    Currently my only solution is to create a log on script that maps a shared drive, forces a copy of the two files from the shared drive to the local "downloaded program files" directory followed by the regsvr32 commands that registers the .ocx and then unmapping the shared drive. While I believe my solution will work, I feel that it is a I mentioned not "elegant".

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.



    Monday, October 20, 2014 9:25 PM


  • Hi,

    create a folder under a web server to host your ActiveX control base.

    eg. http://server/website/Installs/MyActiveX

    In that folder copy your activeX deliverables.

    On intranet pages that use the ActiveX control use an <object> tag with a codebase attribute to point to the server location of the deliverables and a clsid attribute value.

    when users load a page that contains the activex and the latest version is not installed the browser will prompt the user to install the control. (be aware that the Enhanced Protected Mode is turned off by default for the Intranet zone to allow intranet users to run legacy x86 ActiveX components.)

    Update group policy to allow installation of that ActiveX control... (using its CLSID value).

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    Tuesday, October 21, 2014 12:35 AM