how to get a .abf file from a .db file


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    Some how my cube databases got missed from the SQL srver(2012) analysis services databases list. I tried to attach them from the OLAP/Data folder but it gives me an error saying that the detach log file is not found in the .db folder. Please let me know if there is any way to restore the database or taking a backup from the .db file as there are many databases which went missing from the list. Also can you give me an idea what may be the reason for the missing cubes.




    Thursday, April 17, 2014 3:28 PM


  • Hi Raja,

    The .db file is just an XML file that provides information about the database, it isn't the data. A backup file by convention will have an .abf file extension. So in your scenario, if you want to restore the SQL Server Analysis Services database, we need an .abf file.

    It's hard to give you the root reason for missing cubes according to the limited information. However, you can troubleshoot this issue by using the msmdsrv.log. Are there any error message on the log? Under C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSAS11.\OLAP\Log (this could be different for your server), there are 3 log files that are generated:

    • msmdrrv.log
    • FlightRecorderCurrent.trc
    • FightRecorderBack.trc

    The msmdrrv.log simply points to the other two logs. There might be some detail information for this error.


    Charlie Liao
    TechNet Community Support

    Friday, April 18, 2014 9:38 AM