LTIBootstrap.vbs and the LiteTouch.wsf doesnt run after first logon RRS feed

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  • Hi ,

    I am running into an issue where my task sequence completes all the way up through the Post Install phase. The computer reboots, auto logs in with admin credentials, but then does not kick of the litetouch.wsf. It just sits there, no error messages.  It appears that my unattend.xml does not run the script to run the LTIBootstrap.vbs script in the "firstlogoncommands".

    I can manually kick of the LTIBootstrap.vbs and the LiteTouch.wsf and everything completes as it should, with no erros on the summary screen.

    In the BDD, litetouch, and task sequence logs, everything ends with no errors.

    I'm running MDT 2012, using Custom wim image of win 7 embedded  , captured with imagex.

    Please Help!

    Thursday, May 25, 2017 11:26 AM

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  • I'm having the same thing happen.  However, when i manually run LTIBootstrap.vbs, the file disappears and nothing happens.  IF i run C:\MININT\Scripts\Litetouch.wsf nothing happens.    If i connect back to the deployment share and run litetouch.wsf the task sequence finishes.   

    I have validated my unattend.xml file does contain the line to run LTIBootstrap.vbs, but its not happening... 

    Windows 10 Enterprise, 1709.  



    Monday, December 18, 2017 2:46 AM
  • What I've found is if I open an administrative command prompt and execute litetouch.wsf, it works.  This appears to be a permissions error.  Even though its the local admin, with UAC disabled, the litetouch.wsf script will not launch unless under an administrative context. 


    Monday, December 18, 2017 3:26 AM