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  • I set some overrides on friday and would like to review them, or possibly remove them. I put them all in a management pack called "health library override". I am unable to locate them on the authoring, management pack objects, overrides section.

    I find that if i search for other override management packs, they come up in the search results. However, the new management pack i created , with the overrides in it, is not shown at all. How can i show the overrides in this management pack?

    How do you go about removing overrides? If i delete the new management pack i made, would this remove them?

    Monday, April 29, 2019 10:28 AM


  • Hello,

    One easy way to find the overrides for a specific management pack is by using PowerShell.


    $FileLocation = "C:\Temp\Overrides.txt"
    $MP = Get-SCOMManagementPack -Name "Management Pack ID"
    $Overrides = $MP.GetOverrides()
    $Overrides | Out-File $FileLocation

    When you searched for the overrides under the Authoring pane > Management Pack Objects > Overrides, did you make sure that you have the scope for all targets?

    Click on Scope > View all targets and then try finding it.

    If you delete the management pack where you saved the overrides to, the overrides will be deleted.

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