Internet facing App-V 4.5 clients may see 15- to 45- second delays loading a 100% cached Application Packa RRS feed

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    Application Virtualization 4.5 Clients in an Internet facing scenario may see long delays when launching published applications that are 100% cached. 





    Before making changes to your environment, consider all of the possible ramifications to your environment.


    Run the following command to force the IIS server to use NTLM authentication only:


    C:\Inetpub\AdminScripts>cscript adsutil.vbs set w3svc/NTAuthenticationProviders NTLM

    Now connection & authentication process finishes within a second.


    Repro Steps



    1. Configure a client with pre-loaded applications.

    2. Launch the app in internet facing scenario. You can use bos7 for streaming: https://SGDF-BOS7.parttest.extranettest.microsoft.com





    215383       How to configure IIS to support both the Kerberos protocol and the NTLM protocol for network authentication






    For more information regarding Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V), please also refer to the App-V Team blog at http://blogs.technet.com/Softgrid/.



    Friday, November 14, 2008 4:15 AM