DPM failed to write to tape because the tape is write-protected. (ID 30104 Details: The media is write protected (0x80070013)) RRS feed

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  • Hi Folks 

    Last year somewhere around Novemeber, 2015 I wrote a tape with 5 year retention, it was get offsite ready in 30 days and all data written well. 

    Now I want to rewrite it. I put it DPM tape drive and mark it free using following script : 

    LIB = Get-DPMLibrary –DPMServerName servername
    $Tape1 = Get-Tape -DPMLibrary $LIB
    $Tape2 = Get-RecoveryPoint -Tape $Tape1
    foreach ($rp in $Tape2)
    Get-RecoveryPoint -Datasource $rp.Datasource | out-null
    Write-host “Removing recovery point $($rp.RepresentedPointInTime) from tape”
    Remove-RecoveryPoint -RecoveryPoint $rp -ForceDeletion -Confirm:$false
    Set-Tape -Tape $Tape1 –Free
    Write-Host  “This Tape is now free”

    This script works for me earlier for other tapes. After running this script all recovery points on tape are set expired and tape is set to Free(contains data)

    Now after this step when I am trying to erase this tape I am getting following error : 

    Don't know why this happening as it was working for other tapes before. This is the way I used to erase and reuse tapes. When I do re-catalog tape its showing 'Imported', why this is showing imported. This tape was written by this DPM only. 

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