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  • Hi Guys,

    We are currently implementing project server 2013 into the business. Previously we have used 2010 and whilst it has provided us with an effective EPM tool, we have been trying to get it into a state that A. Follows our corporate process and A. Provides us with a great deal of automation with other areas of our business (Example finance)

    From a variety of sessions, we have come up with the top 10 requirements that would be ideal for our business. I would like to know if this is possible form the out of the box solution. If not, then would a SharePoint developer be able to create a custom instance of Server for us to use.

    1. 2 Project Centres (one for projects and another for Bids and a way to link the two together)

    2. On creation of a new project, a page that will tell a PM the required documents to comply with the Project Management process in place with a link to the document that will be stored in the project site.

    3. A Corporate lessons learnt log. Recognising that when a project is set up there will be an associated lessons learnt list however we would require a site that pulls all of the lessons learnt into a central area.

    4. At present we have a custom finance workflow system. We have the ability to export the finance figures for individual project into a Database. When a project is set up, we then enter in the link to the project in the database which will then display current cost, cost to complete etc.

    5. Holidays added to resources. Again, we have workflow system that can export an excel spreadsheet of all holidays. We are looking for a way to then automatically add the holidays into a resources work 'Exception' area. Further to this it wold be ideal to add holiday cancelations and doctors’ appointments etc.

    6. On each user’s homepage, it would be ideal to 'jazz' this up a little and have maybe projects they are assigned to, total project in project server and maybe announcements that would come out centrally from the project server team.

    7. 2 Project schedules, when a project is created, in the bid phase we would like it to have 2 projects schedules, a schedule for the delivery of the Bid and also a schedule for the proposed plan when the project is live.

    8. When a project has finished, sometimes there will be project extensions or it may go into the support of the contract, is there a way to 'Bolt-on' an extension area that can be used for the extension of the project and calculate the total effort, cost. 9. A cost to complete area that will look at the expenses of all projects so far and calculate the cost left to complete on each individual project.

    10. When a project is set up and a user’s are assigned onto the project, their calendars will be synced onto the project and when the PM adds events to the calendar, this automatically pushes out to their calendar to update.

    Whilst the following 10 items would be ideal for our business, we understand a variety of items would require some Dev work or may not even be possible. However if they are, an indication of effort would be helpful.

    Many Thanks

    Sam Whitehouse

    Tuesday, March 8, 2016 2:28 PM

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  • Sam --

    I appreciate the earnestness of your post, but I think the topic is way too broad to get much of an answer in a public user forum.  Looking at your 10 requirements, almost all of them are possible with Project Server 2013, either by using native features of the tool, or through custom software development.  For example, requirement #1 can be achieved using two custom Project Center views, each of which filters on a custom enterprise Project field that specifies whether each project is a Bid project or a Delivery project.

    If your team does not have the competencies to do the work yourself, I would recommend you enlist the aid of a competent and experienced Project Partner to assist you with your implementation of Project Server 2013.  There are many available around the world, including my employer, Sensei Project Solutions.

    Just a thought. Hope this helps.

    Dale A. Howard [MVP]

    Tuesday, March 8, 2016 10:49 PM