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    I’ve got a series of library client applications (Voyager 7.1) that I have recently installed on two machines running Vista Enterprise 32-bit. Each of the client apps has a distinct username/password combination at startup although some username/password combinations work in more than one app. What I have found in Vista is that the OS is caching the username/password combinations from one app to the next so that the first app always works as expected (displaying the password dialog) but subsequent apps bypass the password dialog using instead the credentials from the first app. This is not a feature of these apps by the way. Anyway, I’ve unchecked auto-complete in IE and checked manage passwords in control panel but I haven’t been able to fix this.


    Does anyone know where else Vista might mistakenly be caching these credentials or how I could turn off this behavior?



    Michael Lynch

    Systems Librarian

    Quinebaug Valley Community College
    Thursday, January 21, 2010 2:10 PM