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  • Hello.

    We have a little issue here with a shared folder on a server 2016.
    This is the structure we talk about:
    we have a folder called CompanyData This is the main shared folder, everyone have access to to see that folder (mapped) by a global group.
    In that folder we've created sub folders (only Admins can make sub folders) by this structure:

    001 Folder name
    002 Folder Name
    Every folder gets is own Global Group with Permissions to Modify everything what's in that folder.

    so far so good, but, if we delete folder 002 the share permissions on the folder CompanyData (the root folder for the shares) are gone. Okay, this can happen once so we added the group and after a few weeks we had to delete another folder in the root of ConpanyData and the group was gone in the permissions so, no share for the users.

    So we started troubleshooting, i have a server 2016 at home so i rebuilded the same scenario and the same thing happened, we've tested it on a server 2012 r2 and there we had no problems.

    Than i decided to create a folder called data2 (in my test environment) and i shared it via server manager and enabled the check box for  Enable access-based anumeration and there we fixed it we thought.

    sure the problem was over i was able to delete the sub folder on Data2 without losing permissions but when i took a look at the settings for the folder company settings the check box for Enable access-based anumeration was already enabled and all the properties seems to be the same, so i asked my colleague who made this share how he made the share and he did it exactly like i did in the first place, via properties and not via servermanager but there is a small chance that he enabled that check box via server manager but he doesn't know that for sure.

    but my point is this a bug in server 2016 and is it gonna be solved or do we now just have to make shares via server manager? 

    i'd like to hear from you soon and if something is not real clear to understand please let me know (i tried my best but my English is not that good als someone who lives in an English speaking country so plz don't judge me on that :D )

    Monday, March 19, 2018 11:09 AM

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