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    I recently upgraded from Windows Media Center 2005 to XPSP3, then downloaded and wrote a bootable DVD with x64 Vista Ultimate.  I also downloaded and ran the Vista Upgrage Advisor, which confirmed that my system was compatible with Vista.


    I attempted to upgrade my system from a "Clean" install of Vista x64...


    Upon opening the DVD from the initial boot sequence, I decided to run memory diagnostics first because I have 4GB of 1066Mhz memory installed, of which 2GB have never been accessed under my previous x36 OS's...which I did with no errors, then rebooted a second time to install Vista x64 Ultimate.


    Upon the second reboot, I opted to install the OS, and received a message that "files are being copied" with a very, very  faint progress bar at the bottom of my screen and the words "microsoft corporation" above it...forever.  The third try exhibited the same symptoms...then fourth, fifth; ad nauseum.


    Every time I boot from the DVD, it directly indicates "copying files" automatically - I have never received the main menu since the initial failure.


    Vista SP1 Ultimate x64 will not load on my system.  I have the following system components:


    ASUS P5WD2-E Premium MB - v604 BIOS, Intel Pentium 965 Extreme 3.73Mhz CPU, 4GB Corsair 1066 Memory, Intel IAStor RAID 5 w/ 4x 150GB WD Raptors, Marvell RAID 6141 (which has NEVER worked as a RAID controller thanks to ASUS - anyway, I have two WD 2500 enterprise 7200 RPMs configured on that disk controller as JBODs), ATI XTX1900/XT1900 Crossfire video, dual ATI 650 PCI hybrid HDTV tuners, dual Sony DVD readers and a single writer, 250GB Simpletech NAS, Logitech Di Novo Laser KB/Mouse/Media Pad, Logitech web cam, and Turtle Beach 5.1 headphones.  


    I saw a LOT of earlier TechNet forum discussions about errors loading x64 Vista on Intel IAStor RAID devices prior to SP1 - are there any others having issues with loading a "clean" SP1 installation on ASUS/Intel combos now that it is out?



    Saturday, May 24, 2008 11:57 PM


  • A couple of things:
    For several reasons, Vista x64 has.. issues installing when you have 4GB RAM installed.  Fix:  pull 2GB from the system, and install the OS.  It should install correctly.

    Second, many mobos have issues with auto-detection when all four RAM slots are filled, and/or with 4GB RAM installed.
    Manually setting the RAM voltages & timings will correct this.

    Also read this thread for some more hints & tips.


    Monday, May 26, 2008 4:22 PM