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  • I have been reading, following links, looking on this forum, etc. and I am still confused (sorry...rookit).  Due to my "rookiness", we have tried to restore our farm and nothing works and now have rebuilt it from ground up.  Question: I have four servers that make up our environment: 1 project server 2010, 1 sharepoint server 2010, 1 reporting services server and of course 1 sql server with the databases defined.  If I use our backup client (Avamar) and do a complete server backup of the sharepoint server, project server and sql reporting server and then do a sql backup of the sql databases, can i not lay back down the 3 servers, restore the sql databases and be back running?  Do I need to do all of this plus a farm backup from central admin?  Sorry, but really in tough patch here.


    Tuesday, March 13, 2012 1:56 PM



    Hi There,

    I am not sure how exactly your backup client works but I am assuming it’s being used to take a server snapshot.

    SharePoint Config database which is a primary source for storing farm related information, is server specific. In other words this particular database has an entry with Server Netbios name. Having said that one cannot use SharePoint Config database from X server to connect Y server.

    You cannot simply take all db backup and restore on another SQL server and try to connect another set SharePoint Servers

    Irrespective of how many servers you have, you should always use Full farm backup and use this backup to build another environment. This process is much easier than any other combinations if you need to build identical environments.

    If you are looking only to move data from one farm to another Db attach method will be the choice.

    However since you have Project Server and if you need to move PWA site you need 4 Project databases and 1 content database on which PWA site is provisioned.

    Hrushikesh Deshpande – Senior EPM Infrastructure Consultant, www.DeltaBahn.com

    Tuesday, March 13, 2012 6:06 PM