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  • Hi fellas,

    With the help of this forum I've managed to greatly optimize my LTI environment using WMI queries and such.  There's one thing left that I want to do.

    Eliminating the Task Sequence screen entirely would be great.  I know how to set up the properties to auto-select a task sequence and remove the task sequence selection screen from the wizard.  But task sequences are OS- and therefore architecture-specific.  Since I want techs to have the option of deploying 64-bit Win7 as well as 32-bit, I still have the Task Sequence selection screen enabled with those two options available.  But I was wondering if it was possible instead to employ a second boot image in WDS that would auto-select the 64-bit task sequence, and therefore allow the tech to choose at the WDS boot menu which architecture he wanted, as opposed to having to move the mouse around to select from the task sequence selection screen.  To my knowledge, since the customsettings.ini file applies to the entire deployment environment, a second boot image wouldn't make a difference unless it was from a separate deployment share, which I was hoping I wouldn't have to do.  It would involve probably more work than it's worth to maintain two identical deployment shares.

    If I made any sense in this long-winded explanation, does anyone know if it's possible to do this without creating a boot image from a separate deployment share?

    Wednesday, January 02, 2013 2:36 PM

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  • I dont know if this works but try set this in the Customsettings.ini

    Priority=ByArchitecture, Default



    [ByArchitecture] Subsection=Architecture-%CapableArchitecture% [Architecture-x86] TaskSequenceID=1 [Architecture-x64] TaskSequenceID=2

    Where TasksequenceID 1 is equal to the 32-bit task sequence and 
    TasksequenceID 2 is equal to the 64-bit task sequence

    This will, if it works, choose the 64-bit Task sequence if the computer supports it, other 32-bit. If i am thinking straight ;)

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    Wednesday, January 02, 2013 2:53 PM