AD RMS Access to protected content from trusted forest


  • There is a forest with working  RMS. There is an trusted forest without RMS cluster. It is necessary that users of the forest could open the documents protected by means of RMS by users of the forest To deploy RMS cluster in the forest there is no opportunity. We must to organize access to RMS cluster to users from as if they would be the users from Internet who don't have accounts in AD DS


    I used for setup article from MS + created values in system registry on the client machine. Without them it is possible to use only MS Live ID.

    As a result I received an error: "Unexpected error occurred..."

    Actually questions:

    1 . How to fix  error "Unexpected error occurred... "?

    2 . Whether the candidate solution described in article is applicable generally for this scenario?

    3 . Whether there is an opportunity to users from the Internet to get access to protected content without entering domain credentials and without using MS Live ID accounts?



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