Current schedule calculation RRS feed

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  • Hi I want to calculate the the current schedule for a report.

    I tried to input the following formula, but when i cross check with the MPP. the value is different. it shows 106 instead of 33 days as current schedule.

    here is the formula,

    WHEN (TaskBaseline0Duration IS NOT NULL AND TaskBaseline0Duration <> 0) THEN TaskBaseline0Duration
    WHEN (TaskBaseline1Duration IS NOT NULL AND TaskBaseline1Duration <> 0) THEN TaskBaseline1Duration
    WHEN (TaskBaseline2Duration IS NOT NULL AND TaskBaseline2Duration <> 0) THEN TaskBaseline2Duration
    WHEN (TaskBaseline3Duration IS NOT NULL AND TaskBaseline3Duration <> 0) THEN TaskBaseline3Duration
    WHEN (TaskBaseline4Duration IS NOT NULL AND TaskBaseline4Duration <> 0) THEN TaskBaseline4Duration
    WHEN (TaskBaseline5Duration IS NOT NULL AND TaskBaseline5Duration <> 0) THEN TaskBaseline5Duration
    WHEN (TaskBaseline6Duration IS NOT NULL AND TaskBaseline6Duration <> 0) THEN TaskBaseline6Duration
    WHEN (TaskBaseline7Duration IS NOT NULL AND TaskBaseline7Duration <> 0) THEN TaskBaseline7Duration
    WHEN (TaskBaseline8Duration IS NOT NULL AND TaskBaseline8Duration <> 0) THEN TaskBaseline8Duration
    WHEN (TaskBaseline9Duration IS NOT NULL AND TaskBaseline9Duration <> 0) THEN TaskBaseline9Duration
    WHEN (TaskBaseline10Duration IS NOT NULL AND TaskBaseline10Duration <> 0) THEN TaskBaseline10Duration

    END )
    ***_EPM_BAS2_PWA_Reporting.dbo.MSP_EpmTask_UserView AS T
    INNER JOIN ***_EPM_BAS2_PWA_Reporting.dbo.MSP_EpmProject_UserView
    AS P ON P.ProjectUID = T.ProjectUID
    WHERE P.ProjectUID = @ProjectUID and TaskIsSummary <> 1)

    I have used the similar type of formula for all the other values such as cost, effort. I get the correct value when cross check with the MPP, But schedule alone is doesn't match.

    It would be great help, if some clarifies, (i have wondering how to get the correct value as in MPP for more than a week now.)Also it is same for all the project which i tested. schedule alone is different.

    Thanks and regards,


    Tuesday, April 30, 2013 10:44 AM