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  • We are using Project Server 2010, with RBS for our Enterprise Resource/user reporting, and Microsoft Project Professional 2010.

    We create projects with generic resources and then the various team leads are suppose to go in and assign actual resources to the tasks. If this process is done using PWA enabled for editing, the limitation of only seeing resources that are decendants for your RBS works fine. A team lead cannot assign a resource from another team.

    HOWEVER, since making mass changes etc is so much easier in MS Project 2010, the team leads prefer to use this method to replace the generic resource with someone from their team. BUT here comes the problem. The team lead opens MS Project 2010 with a default profile connecting them to Project server . The Open the project via the Enterprise Projects stored on Project Server 2010, They get a "message" that lists resources assigned to the project that do not report to this team lead which they acknowledge. However, when they get to the task that they are going to update, the WHOLE project team is shown and the Lead is able to select resources that do not report to him. Not error message or restriction occurs.

    We have had individuals select names from the list who do not report to them and after they save > publish > closed; the task has two direct reports and a person not on their team (call this person not on team, Recource D). How can I stop leads from selecting people not on their team?  Eventually when Resource D tries to look at their tasks, an "unkown error" occurs because the Resource D (selected via MS Project 2010) is not considered a "true" Enterprise Resource by Project Server 2010.

    Thursday, October 18, 2012 2:10 PM

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  • Hi Dollie,

    The RBS only places a restriction on choosing resources from the Enterprise Resource Pool and placing them on to the Project Team.  Once a resource is on a project team, any one who opens the Project in MSPro can assign any of the Project Team onto any task.  This is as designed. 

    I do not understand your last sentence - a "true" enterprise resource.

    Ben Howard [MVP] blog | web

    Thursday, October 18, 2012 5:42 PM
  • The "true" enterprise resource refers to the fact that even though Resource D (in message above) is a member of the team created in PWA. BUT it seems when Resource D is selected by another team lead--even though Resource D was selected from the list.... when the project was Saved > Published and Closed in MS Project 2010, whenever Resource D tried to access their Tasks in the PWA there was an error. When Resource D was removed from the task.. Resource D is able to access their Tasks without any errors. If someone has the RBS structure that 'gives' them the right to assign Resource D... no problem occurs. ergo it is not a corruption issue on the Resource D.

    It acts like the Resource D (although the name was the same and indeed it was the same person) was not recognized in the PWA correctly.

    Also if it is working as designed why does the RBS work as it should if the team lead tries to make assignment in PWA. i.e. if working completely in PWA when they go to select a resource, the resource team list only shows the resources that the team lead is reponsible for.

    Thursday, October 18, 2012 6:11 PM
  • Hi Dollie, I've never seen this behavour, so i'm going to let someone else chime in...

    Ben Howard [MVP] blog | web

    Thursday, October 18, 2012 6:21 PM
  • Dollie, I haven't seen this exact behaviour either but here are a couple of observations/suggestions:

    The way that PWA and Project Professional work is not identical. As Ben points out, once Project Professional has a project team list, anyone with authority to open the project in Project Pro can assign anybody on the project team to any task. PWA Team Management has different dvelopment history and is far more integrated with Server, permissions, etc. It doesn't surprise me to learn that the way ir works is as you want it to.

    I wonder if the reason Resource D is getting an error is because the assignment owner is inconsistent with the project. This is speculation - in the Project Pro Resource Usage view take a look at the Assignment Owner - if it turns out that the Assignment Owner is the Team Leader who opens, publishes and closes the project, but who does not have approval rights for Resource D's My Tasks entries - then possibly Resource D's assignment disply would be affected.

    Try having Resource D's team lead open the project in Project Pro, make themself the assignment owner for Resource D's assignments and publish the project. What does Resource D now see in the PWA My Tasks?


    Friday, October 19, 2012 2:24 PM
  • Thanks for responding so quickly. 

    To me, the way PWA handles resources would be the correct way (this was why we setup RBS as we only wanted the team leads to be able to assign their own resources.)

    Resource D errors went away as soon as it was "removed" from the task and the project was saved, published and closed in PP2010. When the team lead selected the Resource D from the Full Team List that PP2010 presented, the PWA processing seemed to think that Resource D was a local resource and it did not know how to handle the same name for a local and enterprise resource.

    The team leads prefer using PP2010 for the editing options provided especially where they can use the FIND function searching against a specific field.

    I wonder if the functionality of Find in a specific field will be added to PWA. OR at the very least, fix PP2010 to function like PWA on so far as which resources the signed on user can see to assign.

    Friday, October 19, 2012 3:41 PM