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  • I have Windows 7 Home Premium reinstalled as upgrade. I find it impossible to install IE11. The last effort resulted in a log file:

    06:49.518: INFO:    IEAKPRXY>>IEAK_DLL:        Stop  : Date:8/21/2017 (M/D/Y) Time:15:8:49

    06:49.518: INFO:    IEAKPRXY>>IEAK_DLL: 
       HRESULT: 0 (OK)
      Status: 1

    06:49.518: INFO:    IEAKPRXY>>IEAK_DLL: Date:8/21/2017 (M/D/Y) Time:15:8:49

    06:49.518: INFO:    IEAKPRXY>>IEAK_DLL: InstallJob return hr:0x0: Status:1

    06:49.518: INFO:    IEAKPRXY>>IEAK_DLL: IEAK Finalized : has been installed
    06:49.518: INFO:    IEAKPRXY>>IEAK_DLL: IEAK Finalize: Will delay copy install.ins to %programfiles%\internet explorer\signup
    06:49.518: INFO:    IEAKPRXY>>IEAK_DLL: CopyInstallIns: Copying C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\Signup\install.ins to C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\Signup\ieak.install.ins
    06:49.550: INFO:    IEAKPRXY>>IEAK_DLL: CopyInstallIns: Scheduling MoveFileEx of install.ins: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\Signup\ieak.install.ins to C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\Signup\install.ins
    06:49.596: INFO:    IEAKPRXY>>IEAK_DLL: Install Engine - object destroyed

    06:49.596: INFO:    IEAKPRXY>>[END] Call to IEAKFinalize(), return value: TRUE
    07:00.158: INFO:    PauseOrResumeAUThread: Successfully resumed Automatic Updates.
    07:00.220: INFO:    Setup exit code: 0x00000BC2 (3010) - Installation Succeeded. Reboot required.
    07:08.363: INFO:    Cleaning up temporary files in: C:\Windows\TEMP\IE18FD0.tmp
    07:09.253: INFO:    Unable to remove directory C:\Windows\TEMP\IE18FD0.tmp, marking for deletion on reboot.
    07:09.565: INFO:    Rebooting computer...
    07:09.908: INFO:    Released Internet Explorer Installer Mutex

    I used selected startup with all non-Microsoft serves disabled.

    This is just the last of a great many attempts !

    Monday, August 21, 2017 2:43 PM