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  • I'm having some frustrations trying to configure the Managed Folder Assistant to behave how I want it to in Exchange 2010 SP2. I've read all of the articles about the MFA, the differences between RTM and SP1 (scheduled vs. throttled), and the crux of my issue is that I desperately want the process to go back to being scheduled instead of continuous.

    Here is my situation:

    I'm starting with a single Exchange server with a single Mailbox Database with offsite VM replica backups happening nightly.

    As the Exchange database grows, the nightly backups take longer and longer. Defragmenting and compacting the Exchange database reduces the backup times, but only slightly. My goal is to archive the bulk of the mail to an Archive Database and then perform archival every Friday evening so that the size of the regular daily differential backup (i.e. the size of the Mailbox Database) is small on weekdays and the lengthy differential (i.e. the size of the Archive Database) runs on weekends according to schedule.

    Is there any way to force the Managed Folder Assistant Process to behave in this way? From what I've read, it looks like I can set the ManagedFolderWorkCycle to 7.00:00:00 and it will only run every seven days, but I don't see how I can specify when it starts. From what I've read, SP1/2 will ignore the ManagedFolderAssistantSchedule even if you do have it set.

    I've considered creating scripts associated with scheduled tasks that automatically enable/disable the Assistant process to synthesize this effect, but I would very much rather configure it entirely internal to Exchange, since that would eliminate the possibility of the automated script cutting the process off before it's finished archiving.

    Saturday, February 25, 2012 4:51 AM


  • My understanding is what you have described.  So I don;t believe there is a way to override that.

    Little confused to actually what the issue is, seems ike that you just want main DB to be reduced so that backups are shorter.

    Not sure how large your databases is, or how long it takes,

    You can maybe start it using -


    So you get-mailboxdatabase and get-mailbox with the command above to start processing on all mailboxes.


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