File Deletion Cancellation Suggests Recycling When it Actually Cancels ! RRS feed

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    Vista.  Select any file on your hard drive.  Press Del.  "Destination Folder Access Denied" (first, that is just silly.  Referring to the recycle bin?).  Click Continue.  UAC appears, telling you need to elevate.  Click Cancel...


    "Recycling 1 item", with a progress bar to boot!  hahahaha... Nothing is deleted.  Nothing is recycled.  Result is as I expect, but it should not tell me that it recycled anything.  I could be led to believe that there's a copy of the file in the recycle bin.  It should just CANCEL.


    Such obvious flaws should never happen from a multi-billion $/year company with 10's of thousands of worker-bees with, what, 30 years of operating system experience?


    Wednesday, August 22, 2007 1:23 AM