Local & Local Low Synched to Server in AppData RRS feed

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  • I understand that in the new Vista structure only the Roaming folder is supposed to Sync to the server and not the Local & LocalLow folders. However we have been facing a recent issue around our workplace where Local and LocalLow folders are being pushed to the server. This causes big profile problems as the Local folders themselves can range anywhere from 1GB to over 100GB in size easily.

    We had previously included these folders in the ExludeProfileDirs exclusion list and it worked well until now. We realized that when this problem started occuring, the ExludeProfileDirs key had been removed in the registry. The problem is we don't know what is removing it. 

    I know that there is a fix that can be done to the users GPO to avoid this folders being uploaded in the future and we are considering implementing this GPO to all affected users, but my question is - What could likely be deleting the ExcludeProfileDirs? and is ExludeProfileDirs the correct way to stop the Local & LocalLow from being pushed to the server, or is it not an effective method for Vista?

    Friday, June 15, 2012 3:53 PM