Vista loses its glass interface twice a day RRS feed

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  • I am using the horrible Toshiba Tecra M4, with the damn Nvidia Go “smoothing” and Vista Ultimate.


    Start the machine, everything works fine, use Microsoft Word, everything is fine, open 5 more documents with word and switch a bit between them, and the glass interface is lost, vista went back to the normal interface.

    Run the command line stop and start the lovely uxsms and the glass is back, repeat the steps above and the glass is gone.


    I would like to personally thank Vista and all its internal stupid designs and code patterns, it is clear to me now, the when vista is under pressure, nvidia reports that the graphics card is slower, and vista shuts down the glass interface, but at the same time, the heavy load on the machine is over and vista starts the glass interface.
    Maybe it is time for Linux, or any other OS with less idiotic ideas in it.

    There was so much idiotism in XP, and thanks good Intel got us faster machines that help hiding it last time; nothing to compare with Vista, the idiotic ideas are there in left and right, if there is a more idiotic way to lose machine power (CPU and memory) it is in vista already.

    And Intel this time is not getting us anything faster, 3GHZ is pretty much what is left out there; may god help us all with the next release of windows, its holly slowlenes will need a 100GHZ CPU to run.

    It is slow not because Vista does more, SQL server can sort millions or records of data on a normal machine in no time, a 1990 CPU can run a space shuttle, but again, both of them are written by developers who studied mach and calculus.

    Wednesday, December 5, 2007 7:33 PM