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  • Hi,


    I have an Oracle based MA using which I import data from Oracle using views.


    Lately, I have been noticing discrepancies between the data in my Oracle view and that in the Oracle MA's connector space. The data that FIM imports from an Oracle View seems to be different from the data that FIM imports from a table which is a copy of the data of the same view, if that makes sense.


    Let's say I have an Oracle view called oracle_v_person. This view looks on to some other views using a join etc. I have a person object in this view with the following attributes:


    a) Identifier = "ABC"


    b) Association = "U, EA"


    c) Description = "Undergraduate"


    When I query the oacle_v_person in Toad or SQLDeveloper or using sqlplus from my FIM Sync Server, I get the right values for Identifier, Association and Description.


    When I create an Oracle Based MA in FIM, and just do a FIM import (stage only) on oracle_v_person and search the connector space for Identifier = "ABC", I see the association as "U" and NOT "U,EA".


    Then, I created a table in Oracle from the oracle_v_person ( create table oracle_person as select * from oracle_v_person)


    Query the table for identifier "ABC" => I see correct values.


    Now, I created a new Oracle based MA on the table this time and ran a Full Import (Stage only) on oracle_person and searched the connector space for Identifier = "ABC". It now shoes the right value for description ("U,EA").


    It's as if FIM is coming up with a slightly different data set for the when it looks at the view than what we see in Toad/SQLDeveoper/SqlPlus. But when FIM looks at the table, there is no discrepancy in data.


    Does anybody have a clue about this? How can I raise a support call with Microsoft?


    Any tips/suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


    These are the versions:


    FIM servers - Windows 2008 R2 SP1

    FIM build - 4.0.3573.2

    FIM DB - 10.50.1600.1

    Oracle DB -

    Oracle client -


    Thursday, June 21, 2012 4:08 PM