How to Define a Specific MSI Parameter within a Transform (MST)


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    Hope this is the correct forum to post this into - wasn't 100% sure.  

    I'm used to creating transform files (MST) to accompany MSI installers, but in the past have stuck to the basics of changing existing options in the "Property" table.  I'm in a scenario now where I need to specify a value for a parameter which doesn't exist in the common places.

    Below is the installation string currently used to install an EXE to install the application in question.  When executed, it extracts an MSI which it passes the strings below to.  I'm needing to implement all of the strings listed into a transform so that it can simply be installed using a basic string like "msiexec.exe /i "setup.msi" TRANSFORMS="setup.mst" /qn

    "setup.exe" /L1033 /V"/qn /norestart INSTALLDIR=\"C:\Program Files\Application\" IN_PROFILENAME=default IN_SERVER_NAME=servername PORT_NO=6000 STARTMENUICON=Yes DESKTOPICON=Yes QUICKLAUNCHICON=Yes ADDLOCAL=Option1,Option2,Option3,Option4

    When viewing the MSI in Orca, most of the parameters are already in "Property" ("IN_PROFILENAME" & "IN_SERVER_NAME") or "Feature" ("ADDLOCAL" options) where I can easily change the default values.  However, "INSTALLDIR" is not in either of them yet referenced multiple times in multiple tables.  I searched the MSI for "Program Files" as it's in the default path and only found a couple of references - nothing that stood out.

    Is there an easy way to define INSTALLDIR in the transform like adding the value to one of the tables for instance?


    Ben K.

    Tuesday, February 27, 2018 9:00 PM

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