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  • Usually Windows is OK about notifying you but for this last update I had 5 different people all call me VERY upset that they had lost important work because Windows Updates just hijacked their computer and started installing and then restarted WITHOUT NOTICE.

    I like the Auto install feature to ensure that updates aren't missed but really???? Why does Microsoft have to act like the very thing it is trying to prevent and take over your computer without your permission.

    At the very least if there is a user logged in their should be a window that REQUIRES a "yes" click before an auto-restart is performed.

    I have a solution to prevent this (below) but really it SHOULD be by default for everyone, not requiring specific knowledge of a policy to be set. My father has now lost part of his book he was writing (in Word) that he will never get back because of Microsoft's hijacking.

    I have the Group Policy Set "No auto restarts when users are logged in" but I am running Windows 7 Professional and it isn't so easy with the other versions.

    For those who don't have Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate to run gpedit.msc - Computer Config-Admin templates-Windows Components-Windows Update you can use the following - save in Notepad and rename to a something.reg file and double click.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    Thursday, August 12, 2010 5:52 PM

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  • Hi lforbes,


    I am sorry to hear about the inconvenience you have encountered with Windows Update.


    Windows Update will remind you if you need to restart your PC to continue installing an update and give you the opportunity to "restart now" or give you the option to postpone the restart. If you're away from your PC for an extended period of time, you may find that it will automatically restart your PC. Windows does this to help make sure all the latest security and other updates are applied in a timely manner, to help keep your PC more secure with little effort for you.


    If you're a system administrator and want to control restart behavior, you can use group policy to prevent automatic restarts from occurring anytime an administrator is logged on.


    Also, you can change how Windows Update installed the updates. To do so:


    1.     Go to Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Windows Update -> Change settings (on the left pane).

    2.     Change the Windows Update settings to "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them".

    3.     Click OK.


    For more information, please refer to:


    Windows Update Frequently Asked Questions

    Change how Windows installs or notifies you about updates


    Regarding the lost Word files, you can refer to the following knowledge base (KB) articles and see if the file can be recovered:


    How to recover a lost file in Word 2007 or in Word 2003

    How to recover a lost Word document

    File Recovery


    For more information about the Word file recovery issue, you can contact Microsoft Office Support directly.







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    Monday, August 16, 2010 7:50 AM
  • Windows just restarted my machine without permission, and yes, I lost some work.  THIS IS STUPID.  The OS should not force a restart without my permission.
    Friday, April 15, 2011 2:42 PM

  • Check your settings in Control Panel > Windows Update.

    SC Tom

    Friday, April 15, 2011 5:28 PM
  • The fact of the matter is that this should never happen. Forcing a restart, without allowing the user to save opened work, is not acceptable behavior for an operating system. Yet another Microsoft "lets leave everything on regardless of the affect it will have because we know better than our users" attitude.
    Thursday, May 12, 2011 10:40 AM
  • Oh, I see, it is a feature, not a bug.. Guys (and Linda Yan), you can't be serious, "yes, it restarts because it is very important to install security updates". I really liked Windows 7 but today was the SECOND time that I lost very important work and almost 1 hour work. It also happened to at least 2 of my friends in the recent months. Yes, I left my computer: sorry to not to watch it every minutes, sorry to have a dinner. Yes, I should have changed this option at Control Panel, but why is it the default option? Many people don't even know what Control Panel is. Who was the programmer who invented this? I really hope he doesn't work at Microsoft anymore. How could you possibly think that installing security updates is more important that saving important work? What kind of sick idea is to restart an operating system without permission? I can think of much worse situations than mine was now. Some people even can lost his job because of this.
    Thursday, June 30, 2011 9:43 PM
  • My computer decided to restart while I was playing a game!

    This "feature" doesn't help security, because it just drives people to turn off Automatic Updates to prevent this from ever happening again.  Everyone I know and every computer I own has automatic updates turned off because of this.

    Another benefit of turning off automatic updates is that you never have to wait for a unexpected "Installing updates..." when you shut down.

    Maybe Windows could display reminders "Don't forget to install your updates!" instead of doing things automatically.

    Friday, November 11, 2011 9:40 PM
  • This just happened to me.  I walked away from my computer for 30 seconds, and when I come back the computer is rebooting. The word document I had been editing for the last hour lost all changes. Because Word has technically not crashed, it has happily deleted my changes and any auto-recovery information.


    When I press the reboot button on my computer in normal circumstances, Word comes up with a prompt asking me if I want to save changes, and DOES NOT continue with the reboot process until I answer this question. This is correct behavior.

    Why is it that when windows decides to restart the computer automatically to update, it gets to override the save prompt? If anything, this is the time NOT to override this prompt, because the user, unaware the computer wants to reboot, may have stepped away for a second? This is unacceptable behavior, under any circumstances.  The user's work overrides EVERY OTHER CONCERN. Microsoft, get your priorities straight!

    I don't want to install updates manually. I understand the importance of updates being installed automatically.  If I don't use auto-update I will never update. I don't mind the nag screen to reboot.  It's understandable. But when I am trying to get work done I will postpone the updating.  I shouldn't have to risk losing work because of this.

    Please, fix this. I'm about to rage and buy something Apple.

    Friday, December 16, 2011 11:10 PM
  • This just happend to me at work, on the "new fancy" computers whit windows 7, and since i have customers at work that can get me away from the computer for more than 10 minutes at a time if not longer, just working on a normal budget whit a few hundred rows of numbers.. allways fun to write those again and spend a hour or so calculating and double checking...

    So what could go wrong went wrong, i got distracted by a customer, then i guess windows updater decided it needed to install a important update or something, more important than what im actualy working on and restart, of corse i didnt lose everything, apparently office 2007 has some recovery featore or something so i only lost a hour or so of work.

    anyway the computers are locked in a "user" that cant change any administrator settings, so woopdedo, if the updater shows up, thers nothing i can do but press save and restart.

    I know this wouldnt be a issue if my work had a actual "it" guy, but the default settings whit updates from microsoft shouldnt be set to force restart....

    if windows was made from googles search engine result then it would set default on this matter to NOT RESTART AT ALL, at best maybe show a tiny text bubble suggesting it be a good idea to restart.

    Important updates arnt that time critical, a hacker wont suddenly take over my computer between the important update to when i could manualy restart after seeing a message about a important update.

    And if they were time critical then why do i see newspaper articles about virus this and that and not patched yet and holes in this and that.

    The day i get hacked between the time i get a update to when i restart, OR at the same time my computer blows up OR i slip on a banana and die, ill donate my computer to microsoft for security.studdy... Id say the chances are about equal. (EULA : I take no responsibility if i dont slip on the banana because it wasnt slippery, but i still managed to die from the event). 

    Wednesday, February 15, 2012 11:55 AM
  • Same thing just happened here. Usually it ask me if I would postpone the restart but this time I got no notifications at all. So I would suppose there is some type of bug here since I am supposed to get a notice right? Does the prompt show in front of all windows of all programs? Did it just show up while I couldn't see it?

    And how should the auto restart have higher priority than the save prompt? I am sitting here and it happened WHILE I was working and I saw the save prompts and before I hit yes the program was already terminated. I watched the whole process but there was NOTHING I could do to stop it. And to make matter worse I was using notepad so no autosave or restore files at all.

    Seriously if this has been a problem since 2010 why hasn't someone working on win7 fixed it.

    --> Iforbes: unfortunately I don't think your code is working on Home Premium. it says something like I can't insert values other than binary. Not sure if I did the right thing though. But thanks anyways.

    Wednesday, April 11, 2012 9:00 AM
  • Ouch, I've been burned by that too. Now I always set the "No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations" local GPO setting in Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update. So far I haven't run into any more auto-restart issues, but now I am a slacker about restarting...
    Thursday, April 12, 2012 5:09 AM
  • Hi friend,
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    Tuesday, May 15, 2012 12:01 PM
  • I can NOT beleive that people are actually talking about recovering files!! How about Microsoft not rebooting the computer (lets fix the problem, not the symptom). I could have sworn that I had the auto update settings to ask me, but I was just working along with at least a dozen things open, not the least of which were 4 or 5 CAD dwgs. Suddenly (WHILE I WAS TYPING AND WORKING) it just systematically shut down everything in front of my eyes. Didn't ask, it wasn't idle - it just shut me down. I can NOT believe that they would program something so STUPID !!!!!! I have lost HOURS of valuable work --- MS, maybe you should reimburse me!! I have NEVER seen anything like this before. No warning, no notice, no nothing - just shut down. UNHAPPY CAMPER.
    Wednesday, June 13, 2012 7:56 AM
  • Yes just lost two hours of Photoshop work and this now effects the jobs future. Plus because I was in Photoshop I was in a screen mode where I could not see any warnings as with previous statements. The whole point a 'WARNING' should not exist anyway.

    Yes up dates are important but just do this processes when I command a shut down.

    Thursday, June 14, 2012 2:58 AM
  • I was just finishing off an hour's worth of email writing in Windows Live Mail '11 to be kicked out of my work losing the whole message.  After reboot, I naively went to the drafts folder thinking "ha, there's no way I'll have lost that work, it'll have been saved in drafts..."  Wrong.

    I was also wrong about hoping the 12 SQL Scripts I had open in SQL Management Studio would be recovered.  And the C# files I had open in VS 2010.

    Words fail me.  This is akin to the knee jerk reaction resulting in the security theatre surrounding air travel these days.  Someone shouts "Hacker!" or "Virus!" and Microsoft jumps on it as an excuse to auto reboot and lose customer data and sell it as a feature for OUR benefit!!!    

    So, I've set my updates to ask before installation..  Lets see if Windows listens.

    Saturday, June 16, 2012 9:00 AM
  • Just had this happen to me, and thought I had malware or a hardware failure. Then read this thread, oh joy - incompetence rather than conspiracy, what a relief.

    Not sure if I need to add anything to this thread other than my resignation to the inevitability of Microsoft feeling that the user is somehow secondary to the process of administrating our/their systems (clearly ownership is a flexible term, as is 'service').

    (Interesting fact - The only reason I even have a LIVE account is because i 'had to' have it to run my windows phone - that saga is a whole different ball of wax as any windows phone owner will well know.)  I am not a 'fan' of Microsoft any more than I am fan of Renault (the people who made my car). I acknowledge that to get the best from my car I need to have it serviced by Renault at intervals that they set. BUT IT DOESN'T STOP IN THE STREET JUST BECAUSE I WAIT A WEEK TO VISIT THEM.

    But Microsoft (along with other 'service' providers like mobile phone companies - i.e. anyone who can 'cut you off' if you don't play their game) - thinks that we have some kind of relationship, that it should be governed by their needs, and that I should be grateful.

    It is returning to the days a few years ago when I only logged on to the web for fear of viruses ... Now it's better to be offline to avoid constant interuptions by Microsoft, Adobe, AV updates etc - which are actually more intrusive than any malware! In fact the majority of processes starting on my PC are 'protection' rather than functional, and take up vast amounts of memory. The system tray is full of icons I don't even look at. You can't even USE your PC when you start it up due to all the software competing for bandwidth to check their ever-so-important updates. (I have a text file open up on startup just so I can do something while i am waiting...).

    And to think that Microsoft is pushing 'cloud computing' i.e. not just always connected but completely dependent on the interweb... boggles the mind. 

    #If you are listening to this - you are the resistance#

    Monday, July 16, 2012 1:52 PM
  • Actually I re-read the thread and checked my settings - I am a good boy and allow the 'recommended' automatic updates. It does not say anything about interupting a user process! In fact at home and at all my employers, updates either have a warning - and an option to defer -or are scheduled at shut-down. So this is definitely a ****-up, not an idiot user with the wrong settings (thanks Linda for trying though).

    BTW is it just me or are extra-long updates scheduled for shut-down just when you are most desperate to get on a plane/got to a meeting/ go to bed?? Is that kind of Murphies law for updates? And whereas 'old' windows had a 'shut-down without updates' option, 7 doesn't? Why exactly?

    Monday, July 16, 2012 2:10 PM
  • I was in the middle of writing my dissertation and the computer just decided to log me off and update itself therefore losing all my work for the whole day! I am so upset, I am almost crying and it's all Microsoft's fault!
    • Edited by Rafattacks Wednesday, August 15, 2012 11:06 AM
    Wednesday, August 15, 2012 11:05 AM
  • I wouldn't normally post somewhere like this, or say anything at all, but this one really has me angry.

    I just lost *FOUR DAYS* of time sensitive processing thanks to Windows update restarting the computer at some point last night.

    Usually, I would expect a little dialog box in the bottom right notifying me that there are updates, and that I need to restart for them to take effect - but not this time.

    Thanks Microsoft!!

    Wednesday, August 15, 2012 6:30 PM
  • This is happening on my laptop while the laptop is sleeping. Windows 7 Update awoke the laptop during the night and proceed with the automatic update although it was closed and in sleep mode and closed all applications without saving any work. It took me a few times to understand what happened. I feel the pain for all people on this forum who have lost important work.

    Get back to reality Microsoft people, this is not a feature, this is a bug. Who ever allowed this *feature* to get in should get the sack. 

    Friday, August 17, 2012 10:28 AM
  • Hi,

    I'm having the same problem and this has started only in the last week and half or so. It is seriously unacceptable behaviour as this has cost me to lose code 4 or 5 times now at this stage. I haven't lost too much, but it is still unacceptable. I've had word docs corrupted, my outlook file has just finished repairing itself and same with visual studio!!! Not cool!! The other really annoying behaviour is that, not only does it reboot without any warnings, once my laptop is rebooted, it reboots itself once again... It's like every update now require 2 reboots every time!! Complete pain!! I've noticed that this seems to be happening even thought I constantly keep postponing a reboot but if I didn't know any better, it's like after you cancelled the reboot a few times, it eventually decide to do it without your permission and worst without notifying you!!!

    I've noticed that a comment has been marked as abusive, but I'll be honest... While I'm not into the whole "suing" thing... and it may be a bit extreme, but I'm feeling pretty much the same as this guy!!! Mad as hell to be honest... Like I've got nothing else better to do than having my machine rebooting itself multiple times without warning and losing work numerous time!!! What's going on??? And by the look of things, this seems to be a new introduced thing and this happening quite a bit concidering all of the comments that have been posted here are all recentl!!!



    Tuesday, August 21, 2012 1:31 AM
  • For flip sake!!!!

    It happened once again!!! Second time in less than one hour!! and again rebooting twice!! and I've just notice it's failing to install an update and therefore, the second reboot is because it's reverting back the various changes!!! In the meantime, that update, which ever one is causing this is probably still in my list which means whatever the hell is causing this to reboot is probably going to cause to reboot once again!!!

    And again, lost more stuff!! Sick of this now!! This is totally unacceptable MICROSOFT!!!


    Tuesday, August 21, 2012 2:36 AM
  • Hi,

    Here goes another update!!

    I don't know if it will be of help to anyone, but hopefully my problem is now resolved... Will only find out later, but one thing I did managed to do is to install all the various patches that wouldn't install. I first installed the first 4 one at the time, followed by a reboot... I know... Crazy, and then as I got bored, I selected 2 and rebooted, then 3 and rebooted and all installed ok, so hopefully, this automated reboot will go dissapear for good and so will the double reboot!!! No idea but at least, that's one thing I can eliminate!!

    I just hope that this behaviour will not be the case every time patches are pending to be installed!!!!


    Tuesday, August 21, 2012 3:48 AM
  • I have had this issue whilst playing a game... so its not just if you are away for an extended period of time... I was literally sat at the pc playing eve online (an mmorpg) and in the middle of something when my pc decided to restart.... I lost something that amounts to £120.... yeah, it was an ingame thing that I lost... but i still had to spend the money on it.... and I wouldn't have lost it if windows didn't hijack my PC. in fairness we should all sue... technically, you taking control of my system is a form of cyber crime... 

    I'm sure you won't offer to replace the money that I lost because of you, or even offer a token... MS is way to greedy and moneygrabbing for that.... 

    So the least you can do is FIX YOUR DAMN SOFTWARE!!!!!!!!

    Wednesday, September 19, 2012 8:14 PM
  • Windows just restarted on me as well. All of the sudden what I was doing was stopped, and everything was gone.  This is not the first, second, or even the third time this happens to me. This is utterly unnacceptable. Microsoft, I hate Apple, but you're really pushing it here... The next update better contain a fix for this. As a student, I can't afford to have a computer that could at any point restart. My time is too valuable for that.
    Friday, December 21, 2012 10:00 AM
  • From a sysadmins perspective: We need to enforce reboots on our clients because some sporty colleagues (also called idiots) will otherwise not boot for months. So the only option left is that nice 30 minute period  of time while Windows Update will notify Users about the forced reboot. If the colleague is not in front of the machine within that 30 minutes all work is lost. Additionally we have many machines not even showing that notification or showing it somewhere in background instead of staying the front.

    What we urgently need are group policy options like "Force the reboot after 2 days, but never on weekends, public holidays or outside of business hours". Additionally it would really be helpful if the notifier would show up at all and stay on top until the machine is rebooted.


    Friday, December 21, 2012 11:49 AM
  • 90% of people have no idea how to change Windows Update settings, I just lost work because I forgot to change the setting after setting up a new VM and is why i'm looking for this problem others are having and want to support Microsoft waking up to reality!  Instead of bringing conveyance and improving existing OS you gave us an entirely new OS which prevents productivity.  Why didn't you fix Windows Update?  It's still a usability nightmare!  Please take this the best way possible, take a look at OS X updates and maybe a few notes because i've never had this type of problem on a Mac.


    Thursday, December 27, 2012 11:33 PM
  • IMO Microsoft second guess their idiotic customers and then implement just as an idiotic a solution to counteract those idiots. The question I'm left with asking myself is perhaps Microsoft client O/S's only cater for computer uses with a very low IQ of around 50 or below? A study comparing the average IQ level of Apple MAC uses compared to Microsoft Windows users would be very interesting I'd imagine. I hope Boeing aircraft computers don't reboot in mid-flight like Microsoft Windows 7 computers do.     
    Wednesday, January 9, 2013 4:44 AM
  • You must be kidding Linda!

    "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them" is not the same as "Download and install updates, but don't hijack the PC and reboot without confirmation"!!!!

    Clearly, you didn't answer the question! And I wonder why?
    Were you unable to understand it? This would make you an idiot...
    Were you evading it? This would make you unethical and unprofessional...
    Are you instructed to do so by the joke called MICROSOFT? Of course you are! And this makes unethical and unprofessional the whole Microsoft company!
    Admitting that you were wrong in adding such a feature to Windows 7 would be honest and much more appreciated!

    Calling this a "feature" is simply an insult to our intelligence! You and your company should be ashamed of insulting us, the users who pay your salary!

    But this is typical Microsoft stuff... from tech support to products, all a load of bulls**t! You have years of tradition in this! Good job! Always the same old Microsoft we know and trust (to fail some way or another)!

    No wonder you are one of the most hated companies in our industry!

    Thursday, February 28, 2013 5:27 AM
  • Microsoft's next step will be sending an employee to break into your house to turn the computer on so they can do that 'IMPORTANT' update.

    Another (maybe not so great tip): if the important update is about security disable the directly related feature, e.g. networking, until the customer runs the update changes. Thus letting the customer SAVE HIS WORK which is one of the main things he BOUGHT YOUR OS FOR.

    Wednesday, March 13, 2013 6:43 AM
  • And this still hasn't been sorted, I lost 2 weeks worth of a recovery job because of this. I changed the Reg setting but it still tried to do it again!

    Pull your socks up

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    Thursday, March 21, 2013 1:29 PM
  • Restarting is a pain we have to deal with ONLY with windows, I have a arch server at home, and guess what, 1 year No reboot even after major update.
    Thursday, March 21, 2013 1:31 PM
  • On 2/28/2013 12:27 AM, grvulture wrote:

    You must be kidding Linda!

    "*Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them*" is not the same as "*Download and install updates, but don't hijack the PC and reboot without confirmation*"!!!!

    Windows 8 is different. It will do the auto updates. If there is a reboot involved after the updates, then it tells you that you have 48 or 72 hours before the machine reboots itself, if you have not booted the machine within that time-span. I like "notify and I'll do the updates manually", because that gives me the opportunity to review the list of updates.

    Clearly, you didn't answer the question! And I wonder why?
    Were you unable to understand it? This would make you an idiot...
    Were you evading it? This would make you unethical and unprofessional...
    Are you instructed to do so by the joke called MICROSOFT? Of course you are! And this makes unethical and unprofessional the whole Microsoft company!
    Admitting that you were wrong in adding such a feature to Windows 7 would be honest and*much more appreciated*!

    Calling this a "feature" is simply an insult to our intelligence! You and your company should be ashamed of insulting us, the users who pay your salary!

    You are kidding, right? Just because someone responded to you in a forum does it mean that someone works for Microsoft.

    But this is typical Microsoft stuff... from tech support to products, all a load of bulls**t! You have years of tradition in this! Good job! Always the same old Microsoft we know and trust (to fail some way or another)!

    No wonder you are one of the most hated companies in our industry!

    You seem to be a complainer, no doubt. BTW, I don't work for MS. :)

    Thursday, March 21, 2013 3:35 PM
  • @grvulture

    your post is totally inappropriate!! Someone goes to the trouble of helping you or the community and you turn this into a personal, rude and extremly arrogant reply!! Surely this could have been avoided wether that person worked for Microsoft or not!! Yes, when your machine reboots, it is frustrating and yes it can make you go mental when you lose your work (I've been there too!) but there is no excuse for how you spoke to this person!! After many hours on the web, i eventually found a work-around and my machine has been working fine ever since... You have to install service packs in a specific order. You're not the only one with problems, so please don't make it personal like this in the future when someone has gone to the trouble of helping you!! Your post made me think of something else i read recently where a developer wrote a superb app for windows phone 7&8 for free and he got such an abusive email one day later when already busy working on a fix. My point being why would anyone try to help anyone else if you end up being abused or insulted. Remember this next time!! I constanly have problems, not os related, dev related and without forums, communities many people would be lost. Enough said, I've got to go post a question on a dev forum as my windows phone emulator has just given up on me all of sudden!! Hint hint... You're not the only one with problem and be grateful people take the time to reply, whether the answer is good or bad!!! And No, i don't work for MS, nor am i trying to make excuses for their sometime annoying software behaviour but you need to chillax when replying on forums and not make it personal!! Sorry for the format!! Dodgy behaviour on windows phone! Good luck solving your problem!!! And sorry if my reply is a bit personal!!

    Thursday, March 21, 2013 9:58 PM
  • Okay I am a Net Admin, no big deal I guess there are a lot smarter people then myself, but after working 7 hrs on a Photoshop document, and yes for this laptop I had auto update selected in the control panel. but my question is this, why would windows shut down while i was actively using the system? i had Photoshop in window not full screen, so any prompt would have been easily noticed, yes its 3:30am this is why i have been working the last 7 hrs yes i have saved copies but my original document and layers had not been saved, the only prompt was Photoshop that said would you like to save. YES, NO, Cancel.. well i clicked Cancel and still windows closed my laptop with out even a flinch, I can't get windows to close that fast when i want it to. So feature??? -- no i don't think so, a feature would perform as intended or at least try to, and yes i understand that MS has issues with this, but i received no prompt nothing. event logs show 

    #The Desktop Window Manager has exited with code (0x40010004)

    User initiated logoff:

    Security ID: hp_laptop_01\bdonovan
    Account Name: bdonovan
    Account Domain: hp_laptop_01
    Logon ID: 0x3e5d2

    This event is generated when a logoff is initiated. No further user-initiated activity can occur. This event can be interpreted as a logoff event.

    ah no i did not!!!???!!!

    so at 3:00am 

    #A reboot is necessary before package KB2807986 can be changed to the Installed state.

    and at 3:16am

    #Package KB2807986 was successfully changed to the Installed state.

    well that's nice at least it installed correctly.

    now here is the meat of the system even log i will leave out the details 


    #Restart Required: To complete the installation of the following updates, the computer will be restarted  within 15 minutes: 
    - Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2807986)


    #The Multimedia Class Scheduler service entered the stopped state.


    #The Volume Shadow Copy service entered the stopped state.

    looks like windows is shutting down services -- at this point i have had no prompt that any thing was happening, i even minimized Photoshop to open a word document during this time


    #The Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider service entered the stopped state.

    and 3:15am

    #The process C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe (HP_LAPTOP_01) has initiated the restart of computer  HP_LAPTOP_01 on behalf of user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM for the following reason: Operating System:  Recovery (Planned)
      Reason Code: 0x80020002
      Shutdown Type: restart


    #User Logoff Notification for Customer Experience Improvement Program

    and over the next 3 seconds yes seconds my system was shutting down, i have never had windows restart in 3 seconds, so another question, how many services were shutting down, not only without prompting but not even waiting for the user to be given the opportunity? again i was actively using my system, there was no prompt, and given a popup that i selected "Cancel" sill rebooted. the only thing that will force MS to address this "Feature".. and yes i have had servers reboot with a properly configured GPO i work with a Citrix environment so reboots not so good but i have thought okay must have been really important to take my production servers offline without so much as a up yours. i also have a windows update server configured to not install updates unless approved .. (that's a whole other issue).. well that does not work either. so your so called "feature" ignores GPO, Windows update server, and even system level configuration, and does what ever it wants, its not even a bug sounds more like a virus. 

    sorry for the run on sentences and errors but now i'm tired and pissed. the only thing that will really have MS do anything but say "sorry", or "you should have configured your system correctly, your bad" is A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT with monitory damages for lost wages, data loss, and even server downtime. Then maybe the " recommended " settings will be "download and wait for a human response" before doing what ever MS feels like. this kind of action should not be allowed at all!! ever!! its only takes one update that you don't even know about to invade your privacy and monitor everything on your PC.

    I will be contacting the Corp attorney in the morning someone has to say enough already, MS shows no interest in the fact that this post among others is over two years old. So much for listening to the user lol.  

    if you have had enough respond to this post (unless Microsoft shuts me down.) and i will start to gather information for the lawsuit. again someone has to say STOP. hopefully this is that day.

    Tuesday, March 26, 2013 9:27 AM
  • This should be removed as a "feature" forcing a reboot just to install this weeks revision of "WGA" hidden in whatever fictional security update Microsoft made up this week is not on.  At least the original "random reboot" updates were listed as WGA's and you could opt not to install them until the machines job was done for the day, but now its just hidden in fake "critical" updates.  Sorry but your schitzophrenic paranoia that all users are pirates doesn't count as "critical" to real people.

    This "feature" does NOT prompt you if you are using a full screen application, game, monitoring tool, emergency backup, diagnostic software, heart monitor, life support machine, engineering software/cad, turbine balancing system, security camera system, etc you get the idea.  These sort of users just find the machine will just up and reboot for no reason.  Many may not even realize it is caused by an update, as all they see is the machine closing down and $hit hitting the fan.

    Do a quick google search and the number of class actions in the pipeline over this single "feature" is astounding. Yet it is still being sent out by windows update?

    Frankly the idea of a prompt that just sneaks up on screen and gives you a 10 minute count down to destruction that if you are not at the PC destroys whatever you were working on gives the expectation that a user should never go to the bathroom or take a break.  It is unhealthy, and a total breech of trust by a company big enough to know better.

    This constant holy war to trip up users running "alledgedly" genuine software and rebooting once a week at some random inconvenient time to try to proove otherwise; and exploiting the users who in good faith leave their windows updates enabled and connected to the internet is not on.   If MS even knew their "enemy" they would realize 99% of the time the pirates are running offline, or with updates disabled entirely; and it is just inconveniencing their real cash paying customers - and in some cases peoples lives are at risk.  (ever seen a powerstation turbine being run up and a blade is out of balance?)  This apparently also happens on server versions of windows.  I guess this is engineered redundancy on Microsofts part.. ie rendering any Microsoft product as a whole, undesirable as a serious 24/7 server or business environment, as everyone will be switching over to OSX or Linux instead.

    Ok you so called MS reps on here; earn you right to keep this job, instead of sitting here making tut tut sounds in technet, how about one of you actually get off your big fat overweight lazy cant be f*cked a$$es, and point out to your Boss/Supervisor/area manager that this feature is not only undesirable, it is downright dangerous, both to the end user, and to Microsofts future financial health as a whole.

    I was offering SBS as an OS option to business grade PC's in my shop, due to this single DANGEROUS feature, I will now recommend to all enterprises I work for, that they use linux or even OSX instead. Likewise tablet pcs, anything but windows.   It was nice knowing you Microsoft but it appears you are forcing us all to outgrow you due to your idiocy.

    Thursday, April 4, 2013 12:23 AM
  • On 4/3/2013 8:23 PM, hereibe wrote:



    Thursday, April 4, 2013 1:44 AM
  • This just happened to me for the second time.

    I had been postponing restart for a couple of times. Then I got asked if I want to save my work and I quickly clicked "Yes". The "Save As..." dialog opened. Before I had time to do anything else, Windos started closing all my running applications and restarted.

    What is the point of asking if one wants to save one's work, and then not allowing one to do that before a restart?

    Surely a restart could wait until the user has saved all unsaved work, especially when prompted to do so!

    Is this an instance of one part of Windows not "knowing" what the other part is doing?

    Friday, April 12, 2013 1:49 PM
  • On 4/12/2013 9:49 AM, raives wrote:

    This just happened to me for the second time.

    I had been postponing restart for a couple of times. Then I got asked if I want to save my work and I quickly clicked "Yes". The "Save As..." dialog opened. Before I had time to do anything else, Windos started closing all my running applications and restarted.

    What is the point of asking if one wants to save one's work, and then not allowing one to do that before a restart?

    Surely a restart could wait until the user has saved all unsaved work, especially when prompted to do so!

    Is this an instance of one part of Windows not "knowing" what the other part is doing?

    One way to overcome the issue is to put Windows Update in notification only mode. in doing that, it's your show and you tell the Update to do the update. If you don't save your work beforehand or after and tell Update to boot the machine, then you have no one to blame but yourself if work is lost.

    Friday, April 12, 2013 2:00 PM
  • I don't see it quite that way. If Windows does offer me an opportunity to save my work when it prepares to reboot, it should of course allow me to finish saving my work first. I will do as you suggest, but it's bad programming that one has to overcome.
    Friday, April 12, 2013 8:17 PM
  • Thank you so much Linda! You're the best.

    Wednesday, July 3, 2013 11:56 PM
  • Please update all office suites to make them by default save draft of work in case Windows is going to reboot without asking user!

    Please, please, please!

    Saturday, October 12, 2013 9:09 AM
  • I hate to break it to you but Windows will spontaneously reboot your machine for an update even if you go through the effort to tell it not to.  Point to all the Microsoft articles you want, mine just did so early this morning and killed my bitcoin mining app for 6 hours.  I know I set it to 'let me choose' as it has been annoying me with notices that it wanted to do updates.

    Maybe if Microsoft broke from their decades long habit of selling bloated software that is bug ridden and followed a model like maybe one of their competitors (you can figure it out) and produced a product for users instead of using users as beta testers they would not need so many patches.

    The problem isn't the options surrounding patching, it is arrogance on Microsoft's part that what we buy isn't ours and that we as users are there to be trampled upon.  I have been in the process of getting out from under the thumb of Microsoft now for 6 months and have converted one machine to Ubuntu and my next new machine will be a Mac.  I'm done with the Microsoft experience.  

    Wednesday, March 12, 2014 11:48 PM
  • I suggest they fix their code before they sell it in the first place.  If Ford/GM/Toyota/etc....sold cars with this many recalls, they would never be on the road.

    Automatic updates with the option to delay them is fine, but give me a break.  Microsoft needs to stop pumping garbage out into the marketplace.

    Wednesday, March 12, 2014 11:53 PM
  • I just lost money because of this.  I had an automated strategy running that was supposed to exit a trade, but IT DIDN'T EXECUTE because apparently Microsoft thought that it would be more important to me to immediately receive some update rather than prevent the loss of thousands of dollars by not executing my trade.  

    This is on Windows 8, by the way which means that Microsoft clearly never intended to fix this major issue in Windows 7.  I find it SO unacceptable that Microsoft thinks that they can just reboot my computer whenever they want without my permission.  I am so fed up with Microsoft and their arrogant assumptions such as how they think that rebooting my computer without my permission is in some way OK.

    If Microsoft would take the time to develop their products right the first time, there wouldn't be the need for the constant barrage of updates nearly every day.  I would rather take the risk of NOT having the updates and chose when I want to reboot my PC than to have Microsoft think they can make that decision for me!!! I am seriously on-line right now looking at MACs... I'm done with Microsoft.

    Monday, January 26, 2015 9:14 PM
  • "Many people don't even know what Control Panel is."

    Which is exactly why it's the default option. Otherwise "many people" wouldn't get the security updates needed. Windows Update is one of the most basic features the OS comes with and has been around since I can remember, one should learn the operating system they plan to use before using it and then blaming their ignorance on the developer. Option 2, switch to Mac...but ya know....

    Monday, January 26, 2015 9:30 PM
  • First post has been posted on 2010 and thank you Microsoft, we're in 2015 and security updates are still rebooting OS without user's confirmation. We're loosing our works and manpower because of this ridiculous behavior of OS. You must fix this and set user's confirmation at the end as default. 
    Wednesday, February 18, 2015 3:42 PM
  • Windows just restarted my machine without permission, and yes, I lost some work.  THIS IS STUPID.  The OS should not force a restart without my permission.

    Same are still happening in 2015, with lots of data from all open Applications, were data and documents from all on-going task.
    Even when this have been á well known problems, Microsofts do nothing to solve the problems, through update/fix. So all also them with no skills to make the change in settings as suggested from Microsoft.
    It's remind of the problems with Shortcuts on desktop (many years & even more complains), even when they made as Microsoft describe, that's don't change any Things, same result, many missing shortcuts & rest meshed around in upper corner, & it's happen often. On-going task to recover desktop, if you want to take advantage of this options. as Microsoft describe as nice feature, to get faster work & reason for upgrade from previous version.
    Problems have been well-known for years with same out come as first issue.
    Sad there not are more focus on product still on sale & Support:
    Gadgets part of Win7, options mentions as nice functions there also reason to buy/upgrade. Already stopped no replacement or compensation to all the users there no have the product there was described and promised(maybe some conditions in small letters are securing this rights to change product functions.

    But sad to have all this unsolved problems (many more not mentioned, be course reply get´s to long & it´s have no effect like many before me have expired) were user rights & Costumer handling, isn't terms there is part of Microsoft's vocabulary.

    Wednesday, February 18, 2015 10:56 PM
    Windows just restarted my machine without permission, and yes, I lost some work.  THIS IS STUPID.  The OS should not force a restart without my permission.

    Same are still happening in 2015, with lots of data from all open Applications, were data and documents from all on-going task.

    Are you really this dumb that you don't know how to take the O/S out of auto update mode, which has been around since XP, and set it to inform of updates that allows one to do updates at his or her leisure?

    Thursday, February 19, 2015 1:25 AM
  • Are you really this dumb that you don't know how to take the O/S out of auto update mode, which has been around since XP, and set it to inform of updates that allows one to do updates at his or her leisure?
    'Nuff Said
    Thursday, February 19, 2015 1:15 PM
  • I disabled "auto updates" a long time ago, but it still makes me very unhappy when I have to shut down all my work and webpages (IE does NOT save my webpages and tabs no matter how many times I re-install or if I go back to earlier versions - the only reason I use IE is because it's the only browser that will let me swipe back on my laptop touchpad to go back a page)... anyway,

    So, what are our options? For us home users, how about we finally realize that MS is not our friend, and we start looking for other options. Is Apple any better, or do they also require you to stop or lose all your work? I'm just saying that my simple android phone is smart enough to not delete any of my webpages/sites I have open - EVER (up to 90 or so is my max so far) despite updates... MS, you're telling me that not arbitrarily deleting my work or open webpages is just too much for you to handle, even though Android can do it?!  Why must I stop and close all my programs and webpages just so windows can install yet another in a line of endless updates before I can get back to work on what I want, and not what MS wants for me??

    Is there a real laptop that runs Android or Chrome (that also has USB slots and a CD drive) that is an alternative to windows?

    Maybe windows 10 will allow us to actually work and do what WE WANT, and not what MS wants us to do??

    One last thing - despite me installing updates when I want to, sometimes MS will pop up a "restart your computer now" window while I'm in the middle of typing something, and if I happen to be hitting enter while typing as that damn window pops up, my computer will sometimes restart on me and not allow me to save any of my work first, so I suspect that may be happening to people occasionally, as well.

    It seems apparent that MS does not care about what its customers want, so lets start talking about our options, if any!

    Monday, March 2, 2015 9:01 PM
  • Hi MicroSoft,

    It is March 25 now and WIN 7 is still Booting without ANY notice...

    Lost work for the second time now.

    Please Microsoft, do something about this.

    I have now changed the setting back NOT automatically install updates...

    Wednesday, March 25, 2015 4:49 PM
  • Hi MicroSoft,

    It is March 25 now and WIN 7 is still Booting without ANY notice...

    Lost work for the second time now.

    Please Microsoft, do something about this.

    I have now changed the setting back NOT automatically install updates...

    Will you get a life? Can you try do to something about that?
    Wednesday, March 25, 2015 5:11 PM
  • This s#@t has been happening to me for years. And since it's happened again and I'm waiting, not only for the reboot to finish, but also to see if it can reconnect to my network without assistance (apparently not)... I just wanted to add my 2 cents that MicroSuck suck! This will be my absolute LAST windows computer as I am slowly migrating back to Apple. They have a different set of problems, but I don't generally want to pull my hair out every time I turn on my iPad the way I do with my laptop. I avoid it like the freakin plague. I am a former programmer who now HATES, HATES, HATES my computer. My win 98 laptop can still boot and let me play 3 games of freecell before this stupid win 7 unit can come out of sleep.
    Friday, July 10, 2015 8:37 PM
  • Could you please share KB number which cause force reboot of your system.
    to get KB:
    - go to Windows Updates
    - now, there is link "View update History" under "Updates were installed:" section.
    - from history page, you can get list of installed updates by date and here each update has assigned KB number. (only share latest installed updates list).
    Friday, July 24, 2015 5:46 AM
  • Bottomline upfront - <g class="gr_ gr_54 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_run_anim Punctuation only-del replaceWithoutSep" data-gr-id="54" id="54">I,</g> and everyone else wants their computer to not abruptly stop what they are doing without giving them a chance to save their work. Please, be realistic to the end user in your response. 

    To your initial response . . . sorry? Good God, what dialogue we are creating here . . . From what Arthur C. Clarke novel, did the customer/client catalog writer decide that we are moving into a future beyond our own control? I truly hope for your sanity and any desire to procreate that the attempts at emotions demonstrated in this article are purely scripted via corporate.

    Although, and unfortunately for you folks . . . There are those of us who demand control of the systems in their life and not vice versa.

    Real talk, did you just challenge a user to have administrator access in Windows? Do you not know how difficult it is to obtain administrator access on your own PC these days . . . Who are you fooling? Then, once a person like myself obtains that control, they are forced to stay in administrator mode to complete their daily tasks, while locked out of Windows programs as simple as Calculator. 

    Still . . .  We resist, and we'll dig deep in RegEdit, bypasses, and so on. Often forced to use to evade your nonsense to have command and control over the computer serving the home of an individual.

    We turn off your updates prior to our changes and after - yet still you find a way to invade our homes and tamper with our work. 

    Suddenly, after one of your "updates," my external "Microsoft." keyboard no longer works . . . That's cold-blooded.

    Out here, we're not all fools - it'd be wise to stop being so pompous. Your update agreements are legally flawed and host strong arm tactics, as you force the end user to accept them or not use the PC which they purchased as you ingloriously steal and rearrange the initial rights upon the user. You have no court justified legal precedence to run amock. Agreements and contracts fail in court, all day and every day. 

    So, just stop it . . .  Stop being terrible and let people use their computer to do with as they so choose to. All of that money has clearly not made you wise, but as foolish as the Greek Gods, who arrogantly played with the lives of mortals to meet their own end. Even so, you're moving rather more swiftly than those fallacies of the past - play on and destroy yourself to join them . . . the public with reflect. 

    • Edited by Buck Clay Sunday, June 5, 2016 8:55 AM
    Sunday, June 5, 2016 8:32 AM
  • I couldn't have said this better myself. HowDARE Microshit force this. The HUMAN is the controller. We make the decisions. But seems that our Daddy Microsoft knows whats better for us little stupid kids. We may hurt ourselves with a version of an OS that is 24 hours old. Fuck what the user wants...were going to do whatever the fuck we want anyway. Fuck your lost wages and money. We dont care. You need an update. We know better. And BAM here it is....dont like it?? TOUGH FUCKING SHIT. JUST LIE THERE ON YOUR BACK AND TAKE IT WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!

     I feel like I just received a big Microshit dick in my ass when my comp just forced the restart and stopped the porno I was watching. (Joke)

    So.... Skynet is becoming  a reality I'm afraid....and Microshit is too pompous and omnipitant to realize this. Fuck off Microshit! How dare you? How FUCKING DARE YOU!!!??

    Wednesday, October 12, 2016 2:38 AM
  • I see this issue continues in 2017 with Windows 10.  Seriously Microsoft, do NOT wake my computer when I don't want it to.  Do NOT force shutdown/startup behaviors without explicit permission.  It is infuriating.  Why do you not stop?  You've seen the rage users experience.  STOP.  Just stop.  It's extremely disruptive and disrespectful.
    Thursday, December 14, 2017 7:18 AM
  • it's now april 2018. this is the second time my computer has shut down WHILE i'm working WITHOUT WARNING. i was in the middle of doing my taxes and in the process of getting personal info transferred into my tax program when it happened. the first time i was typing and it shut down!


    Sunday, April 8, 2018 2:41 AM
  • The problem about the warning pop-ups is that you don't see them if you're on a fullscreen application. This should be something that people should opt-in for, not something default. What's the point of restarting my computer if I restart it at the end of the day anyway? Some hacker will hack my pc in that 4-hour frame and destroy my saved work? Guess what, my operating system is more malicious and intrusive than malware itself! I got an antivirus software for god's sake! I don't need your crappy updates!
    Thursday, October 11, 2018 1:18 AM