Remote Desktop across Citrix Problem with Clipboard RRS feed

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  • Perhaps this is a known problem, I hope so. I am a developer using my laptop at home connected using Citrix to my client, then to a desktop machine on his network in another state. I develop online using MS Access...not a particularly threatening environement.


    Occasionally, perhaps every week, I encounter a very strange problem. The clipboard appears to fill up. I get odd messages suggesting a file or other object I've copied and pasted has not pasted correctly. Ultimately, I get a message saying "out of memory" or "clipboard inaccessible". The only solution seems to be to reboot. I reboot my distant desktop, and try again, but the problem often doesn't abate until I reboot my laptop as well.


    I'm running Vista Home Premium on my laptop with 2gig of main memory. I have many windows open at once, but the number of windows open and the specific apps I run do not seem to have any impact on the incidence of this problem. At first, I thought it was caused by Fidelity Active Trader Pro, but last night my laptop rebooted due to a Windows Update, so it was essentially "virgin" when I encountered the issue today.


    About the only constant is Google Desktop, but that runs all the time, so I don't really suspect it.


    Ideas anyone? Resources?




    Jim (not really from Nova anymore)

    Wednesday, May 28, 2008 8:19 PM