DPM is unable to enumerate contents RRS feed

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  • Hi People,

    I am having an issue where our file servers 1 and 2 have been moved from physical tin to virtual machines (two host cluster) using SAN CSV storage.

    Now I recreated the DPM backups a for each server and the DPM backups were working fine.

    Just last week on of the NICs on the Virtual Host server failed which was hosting the virtual switch. I have since moved the file server effected to another NIC. Since I have done that the backups have been failing.

    I have removed the backup job and uninstalled and re-installed the agent, but when I try and recreate the backup job now, as soon as I try and drill down the server to the folders I get this error "DPM is unable to enumerate in <lots of folders>, Recycle Bin,System Volume Information Folder, non-NTFS volumes, DFS links, CDs, Quorum Disk (for cluster) and other removable media cannot be protected (ID: 38).

    If I close the error box it lets me further drill down but then I get error "DPM cannot access the path D:\ because part of the path has been deleted or renamed (ID: 36)

    I can close this error and DPM will show the drive letter but no folders underneath.

    The thing is the folders have not deleted or renamed and can be browsed from the DPM server.

    I am rather stumped on this one and quite worries that part of our SAN file store is not getting backed up.



    Monday, April 14, 2014 1:00 PM