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  • Hi. I opened my 2017 .pst file in Microsft Outlook. All 11069 emails in the file are showing as "sync issues". The sync issues are coming with a couple different error messages depending on the email. Below is an example of 2. Please help! I have used the scanpst.exe file already but it did not show that the .pst file was corrupted.

    Example of 1 error:


    8:56:20 Synchronizer Version 16.0.8625

    8:56:20 Synchronizing Mailbox 'My Name'

    8:56:21 Error synchronizing folder

    8:56:21                   [8004010F-501-8004010F-0]

    8:56:21                   The client operation failed.

    8:56:21                   Microsoft Exchange Information Store

    8:56:21                   For more information on this failure, click the URL below:

    8:56:21                 Link to microsoft error: err=8004010f-501-8004010f-0


    8:56:21 Done


    Example of another error:

    11:52:22 Synchronizer Version 16.0.12026

    11:52:22 Synchronizing Mailbox 'My Name'

    11:52:22 Synchronizing Hierarchy

    11:52:25 Error Synchronizing Hierarchy for Mailbox 'Jobs'

    11:52:25                               [8004010F-501-8004010F-1900]

    11:52:25                               The client operation failed.

    11:52:25                               Microsoft Exchange Information Store

    11:52:25                               For more information on this failure, click the URL below:

    11:52:25                               LINK TO MICROSOFT ERROR: err=8004010f-501-8004010f-1900

    11:54:24 Error Synchronizing Hierarchy for Mailbox 'Bill Grouet'

    11:54:24                               [8004010F-501-8004010F-1900]

    11:54:24                               The client operation failed.

    11:54:24                               Microsoft Exchange Information Store

    11:54:24                               For more information on this failure, click the URL below:

    11:54:24                               LINK TO MICROSOFT ERROR: err=8004010f-501-8004010f-1900


    11:54:24 Canceled

    Friday, September 4, 2020 8:51 PM