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  • My question is Why would flash player and or IE8 need additional permissions to run correctly on 32bit Windows?
    Or is this just a fluke?

    I did a clean install of Win 7 Professional 32bit on a 4 year old Toshiba laptop to see how it would perform. This laptop runs XP just fine. Windows upgrade advisor also said the laptop was ok for 7.
    Downloaded all the critical and optional updates and all devices work fine.
    Added flash player (the latest version).
    Also added Security Essentials.

    At this point everything on the PC has come via Microsoft and everything is default except the keyboard layout, timezone and the system locale. UK versus USA. Flash is the only third party app.

    Now I get an issue wherby if a page that contains flash objects is opened in IE8 the CPU goes to 100% and stays there. Iexplore.exe is the offending process.

    Open a new tab and point to a blank page or the google home page and the CPU drops to idle.
    Switch back to the flash page and the CPU rockets to 100% etc. Open more tabs or new browser instances and if the new pages have flash objects the same thing happens. Do this too many times and IE8 slows to a crawl.

    Now I have seen this problem before with IE7/8 on 32bit XP and 32bit Vista and never really found a solution. In this case the effect is worse than normal due to the relatively low powered CPU. A search on google throws up numerous similar complaints and proposed solutions. These usually revolve around disabling add-ons, re-setting IE7/8 to defaults and uninstall/reinstall of the flash player.

    IMHO none of these ever work. Usually the best bet is to ditch IE8 and install Firefox. On the other hand if flash player in IE8 mis-behaves on 64bit 7 then it means that the flash version is out of date in the 32bit instance of IE8. Usually an update will fix it.

    In this case I persevered and after considerable playing around including a new clean install etc. I modified the directory level permissions of c:\windows\system32\Macromed and added group "Everyone" to the permissions list with read & exectute/list folder contents/read permission. I.E. All the files in the Flash sub-dir now have read and execute permissions for "Everyone" flowing from the parent container

    Now flash in IE8 behaves. The CPU does not get hogged.

    Next installed Firefox and installed the flash plug-in. Flash in Firefox works fine. IE8 still fine. And flash with both IE8 and Firefox running also fine. The permissions from the parent were also preserved.

    BTW I changed the permissions at the Macromed rather than the file level in the hope that any future flash update that might occur would not overwrite what I had set.

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