List Content type localization


  • Hi, I've created SiteColumns and added them to a ContentType. I have localized the Title and Description of SiteColumns and Name,Description of ContentType. Until here, all is good.

    I created a list in variation site(zh-CN, which is Chinese). A custom list exists here. I've added the content type to it as

    contentTypeName = "abc";
    ContentTypeCollection contentTypes = web.AvailableContentTypes;


    ContentType contentType = null;
    if (contentTypes.Any(x => x.Name == contentTypeName) == true)
    contentType = contentTypes.First(x => x.Name == contentTypeName);

    ContentType newCType = list.ContentTypes.AddExistingContentType(contentType);

    Here, the list ContentType and list columns are not localized. I still see them in English. I need the localized ContentType name and localized column names.

    Please suggest.

    Thursday, March 2, 2017 6:43 AM

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