SharePoint 2010 FAST Search Query SSA - Problem with anonymous user and FSA when impersonate=false RRS feed

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    I have a requirement from my SharePoint site and this is to be able to have the search result based on the permission of the current user.  Everything seems fine, when the user is authenticated.  I can see, in the authorization-worker_<server name>.log, the correct user information.  The problem is when the user is not authenticated.  When an anonymous user perform a search, based on the same log, I can see the user information of the user of the AppPool.  So it's like that is doing a kind of ReverToAppPool when the user is not authenticated. 

    I made a test, by setting the web.config with impersonate=true, and everything work as expected.  When performaing a search as an anonymous user, the info writen in the authorization log is the anonymous user.  

    So, this is clear to me that the determinant of that problem is the impersonation.  Unfortunately, the site cannot work with impersonation=true, there is too many side effect like database call that needs to run under the AppPool Identity.

    How can I resolve this ?

    Is it the expected behavior of SharePoint, FAST and FSA ?

    I hope that is just a missing configuration.



    Wednesday, December 21, 2011 6:42 PM