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  • Dear all,

    There is a business opportunity for O365 (E3 plan) deployment at a local shipping company. Customer is currently using Softway Communicator ( , which is a unified platform for messaging, document collaboration and data accessing, targeted on shipping industry.

    We are in negotiations with customer in order to replace Softway Communicator platform with O365 (Ε3) including both SharePoint Online for document collaboration and Enterprise Search along with Exchange Online/Outlook (Office Suite), but in order to proceed with the agreement cust. IT staff, claims for
    the following features to be retained in the new O365 platform, related to email messaging administration and management:

    1) Team / Departmental email accounts consisted of mail users (members) receive common incoming mail msgs for their department

    2) Show Read/Unread/Replied mail msgs -- visible on each departmental team member (Who of the team has read which mail msgs - Which mail msg has been read/replied by whom -  All departmental unread mail msgs to be visible on each member)

    3) Show departmental deleted messages -- visible on each member (in a "dust bin" like view)

    4) more than one O365 admin account profiles for security reasons

    Cust. has been also suggested for the archiving feature due to legal hold  & compliance business purposes

    Considering the above, I would like an advise if these 4 features requested by customer are feasible in O365 by default or through customized development in Azure platform

    Any advise will be much appreciated

    Thanks in advance

    Cheers Nick
    Tuesday, May 5, 2015 2:09 PM