Update to Trouble RRS feed

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  • Did the update somehow enable these problems or is there a different explanation?

    Since November of 09, when built, almost no resets, freez, or problems. (like 2)  Late November 2011 I updated Win XP Pro x64 sp2 extensivly, over 22 updates. Soon, YouTube video would freez the system. Programs would start with a pause first. It seemed to be doing something else. (besides indexing) Playing a movie the buffer would run out and the drive would catch up, and the movie continue. Two days ago it seemed to catch a virus, had todouble click everything, and printer spit out scrambled junk, and super slow. (AMD Phenom ii @3.4 GHz w/ 4Gb) Can't find antivirus software. This and a big new Mac sit behind a Hardware Firewall Router - Netgear FVS 318G.

    I surf a lot but also use SolidWorks and Autocad. I reset the machine to X-mas last year backup: lost a lot of stuff. Two semesters and many pdfs- lost. Got help?

    Thanks and Happy Holidays


    Saturday, December 17, 2011 6:58 AM