Is anyone else having this problem with windows media center?? RRS feed

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    so my windows media center was working FINE and everything up Tues. All of a sudden, after a good night of sleep, I woke up the next day, pressed Live TV on the remote control that came with my computer, and I got this message that says "Tuner not installed, video can not be displayed because no tuner hardware has been detected blah blah blah" The first time it happened, I simply just restored my computer's setting prior to 2 days ago and it was working fine again. Then same thing happened again 3 days later, only this time my computer restore point was setted to the night before, so I have no idea what to do now....any suggestions people??  and no...I dont really surf those virus infected porn webistes so tgat's definitely out of the pic. I think it has somehting to do with Windows Defender, after my TUner has stopped working, I checked my computer's updating history and both time that happens, Windows defender has updated SOMETHING, so that's gotta be it right????


    Well I do have this alternative TV tuner program that I installed so I can set up my video game console to my PC, that program is working fine....so that means there's nothing wrong with my TV Tuner. The only thing I did between that time of period was that I uninstalled Norton's anti virus (b/c the free tiral version that came with my PC has expired), and I installed McAfee. Has anyone heard anything about McAfee interfering with Windows Vista???? I have been a loyal customer to McAfee since I bought my 1st computer and it has never given my any trouble so that shouldn't be the case.....but ya A LITTLE HELP PEOPLE!!!!

    Sunday, November 4, 2007 5:33 AM