Support for long file names on older applications


  • HI, I just installed a new Storage Server 2008 server. I have an old DOS application that still serves our needs and it now can't see files with names that are longer than 8.3  on this new server.
    Yes, it's an old App, but it was custom developed for us and it still serves an important role for our business. Is there a parameter or feature option that needs to be applied on Storage Server to allow my DOS app to see these files.
    Files that comply to the 8.3 standard are visible but if I am working with a file whose name is for example "c:\temp\longfilename.txt" I cannot see it in the App's file browse window.
    Any ideas?
    Tuesday, March 16, 2010 6:02 PM


  • 1) verify 8.3 names are being created using this command from a command prompt
    dir /x

    You should see an extra column with names that have the ~ symbol in them like this.  These only apply if the orginal name is longer than 8.3.
     Directory of C:\Users\Gunner
    03/15/2010  01:19 PM    <DIR>                       .
    03/15/2010  01:19 PM    <DIR>                       ..
    03/11/2010  12:01 PM    <DIR>                       Contacts
    03/11/2010  12:56 PM    <DIR>                       Desktop
    03/11/2010  12:01 PM    <DIR>          DOCUME~1     Documents
    03/11/2010  12:01 PM    <DIR>          DOWNLO~1     Downloads
    03/11/2010  12:01 PM    <DIR>          FAVORI~1     Favorites

    2) If the 8.3 names are not present check this setting in the registry
    Read this for the settings and their meanings.

    3) If the above setting is configured so 8.3 names are not created you will need enable 8.3 name creation, THEN you must COPY the data in directories you want ot create the 8.3 names for.  The 8.3 names are only created when the file is created (at least they use to be, Win 2008 may be different not tested/research this).

    4) If DIR /x shows 8.3 names, but your application does not, then its an application issue.  You may need to research configuring some applications compatibility settings or have the application re-developed.

    Tuesday, March 16, 2010 6:29 PM