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  • Hi,


    We are hoping to use SQL Reporting Services to use a sql query on the WSS 3.0 content database; this is to show more meaningful results and reports on the data collected from a large survey.


    So far so good in terms of being able to extract the results from the WSS Content Database, however we want the ability to sort and filter on those results based on the possible survey choices. In order to do this i need to know where those "Choices" are stored in the database but can not find them.


    Can someone tell me what table these are stored in? ie we have a survey question of say..."What printers do you use?" which may have the potential choices of any of the following "Printer 1", "Printer 2", "Printer 3" - and i want to know where in the content database those choices are stored.


    Any help or suggestions or even a copy of the WSS 3.0 database schema would be really appreciated!




    Wednesday, March 26, 2008 12:43 AM