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  • Hi,

    Does MS Project support multiple Time Zones, I have the following scenario, two resource pools, one in Ireland and one in India. I want to be able to select resources from both pools for work in my project. How can I set this up ? I would really like to see a scenario where I had a two day task but I want a resource from one pool to complete the first 8 hours and a resource from the second pool to complete the second 8 hours in the same day.


    Friday, December 16, 2016 11:28 PM

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  • Johnvel,

    Does Project support multiple times zones? Yes.

    Can you have two separate resource pools feeding one project file? No

    Is there a reason you can't put all resources into a single pool? Remember, you can set the base calendar of each resource. For example, you can set up a resource calendar using the Irish work hours for all the Irish resources and another resource calendar using Indian work hours for all Indian workers. I suggest you either use the 24 hour calendar as the project calendar in order to cover both locations or create a custom project calendar to cover work hours and work days for both locations. If necessary, you can also create separate task calendars.

    As far as your scenario, yes you could set up a single task with resources for each region working on it but you may find it easier to split the task into two parts. One problem with a single task is that Project only has a single definition for a day and by default that is 8 hours, although that can be modified by the user. What Project displays in the Duration field is based on "hours per day" setting. For example, with the default 8 hour day and a 24 hour project calendar, a "2 day" task will span 16 hours of the 24 hour period. That may or may not be consistent with the work schedules for your two locations.

    In short, there is a lot to consider when creating schedules with widely varying work schedules but it is possible if done correctly.

    Hope this helps.


    Saturday, December 17, 2016 3:32 PM