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  • HI,  I want to try to do a windows restore from a valid backup folder.

    My 2008 R2 Server's C:\ (boot) drive failed I've replaced it and I have installed a new server OS on a new drive that I want to over write .......

    That new system can see the second hard drive - it now sees that drive as E:\ - Yep, I have C:\ the new drive - D:\ sys reserved - and E:\ my old backup drive - and I can see the backup folder(s) on the second hard drive when I browse with windows explorer ..... (normal)

    When I boot off the 2008 CD I get:

    - it loads the CD's file  (normal)

    - pick language and keyboard   (normal)

    - I choose repair your computer instead of install now   (normal)

    -  I then see the system recovery options and it says I can restore the "Windows Server 2208 R2" and it shows me the partition size and the fact that its on the E:\ ?!  OK!  As above during a normal boot - that's right. 

    - The other radio button says I can "Restore your computer using a system image that you created earlier"  (so first - which one do I use?)

    - If I pick the default top selection and highlight the "Win Svr 2008 R2" in blue and click next I then see the "Choose recovery tool" window so I pick "System Image Recovery"

    - Now it screws up and says it can't find a system image on this computer - WTF!?!

    If I hit retry it briefly shows "scanning for system image disks" and then pops back to that same error screen.

    If I hit cancel then I get a new window that says: Re-Image your computer" and in that it says: Select a system image backup and the radio button is already selected and it says: Select a system image - so next!

    So I'm in the Location - Most recent system image - Computer - they're all blank!  How do I get this this little sod to see the E:\ drive and my 3 valid back up folders!?  The refresh button does nothing to help.  I have a feeling that the boot CD has shifted all my drive letters or something - keep reading ......

    THATS the main problem!

    If I hit the advanced button on the bottom:

    It says: Search for a system image on the network ..... or install a driver.  Oddly enough if I pick install a driver I then browse to the local PC all the drive letters have SHIFTED but I can see everything!

    C:\ - sys reserve

    D:\ - sys reserve

    E:\ - the new installed C:\ root

    F:\ - now my backup drive - I can see the folders there

    X: - Boot

    Why can't windows backup see my spare hard drive in it with my backups on it?  As either the native E:\ or if I explorer the drive F:| either way - the drive is there!




    Friday, March 13, 2015 1:53 PM

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