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    I have a question regarding archiving documents in Sharepoint online. We have the records center setup, and I am familiar that after upload you can choose Declare Record on the top bar of site with self declaring record enabled, however, our users want to be able to specify that a document should be archived when they upload it, instead of having to upload it then go back and choose declare record. See example below. Is this possible? I can't think of a way to add a content type or column that could route a document to the records center. 

    Friday, March 24, 2017 2:42 PM

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  • Hi KatieB92,

    We can use a SharePoint 2010 Designer workflow to declare a document as a record automatically.

    Create a list workflow with 2010 workflow type for this library in SharePoint Designer and make it run automatically when an item is created. Meanwhile, add a  Yes/No check box column called “Archive” into the library to identify if the document should be archived or not. Then in the workflow, use a common condition to check whether the value of the “Archive” (Yes/No check box) column is Yes. If the value is Yes, declare the current item as a record using “Declare Record” workflow action.

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