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  • Hello, I logged in here to get some advice about cloud computing services. I work in not so big and specific company – we’re preparing events, such as city games. We’re about to change data access system. Now most of employees have access to the shared (public) folders but by now it’s impossible to get to the outside data. The same thing with e-mail – the only possibility to check it is to log through the web, what is not clear for people, who mostly using e-mail software eg. Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. That’s why my boss asked me to do some research about virtual disks/cloud computers, that could we storage our files at. Of course the most important things about it are stability, data protection and easy remote access from home, to do some urgent actions with no need to be present in front of desktop computer in company. There are big differences in configuration, hardware is not up to date so virtual solution seems very attractive. I checked few offers and found something, what seems the most interesting by now. Among such players as Dropbox or Amazon Cloud, or Online Virtual Desktops or Azure I found ComZetta and read more about their offer. I did short research and I see it could be nice opportunity for company needs. And here I’d like to ask if somebody knows more about Comzetta, maybe there’s someone, who uses their service?. Pricing seems quite attractive, they offer full virtual desktop with expanding options of but it’s kinda new product and I’d be grateful for some advice or opinion of more experienced user.

    Sunday, March 30, 2014 11:26 AM