During a Backup, get "Connection to Server has been lost." RRS feed

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  • Hoping I'm not totally out of luck here.  Error window shows following:

    Connection to the DPM service has been lost.

    DPM service could be running in recovery mode, which was initiated by the DpmSync tool. If DpmSync is not running and the DPM service is still in recovery mode, then run DpmSync again.
          Review the application event log for information about a possible service shutdown. Verify that the following services are not disabled:
          DPM Replication Agent
          Virtual Disk Service
          Volume Shadow Copy

    ID: 917

    Noticed this error in Event Log: (Event 999) "An unexpected error caused a DPM service failure", when I checked on my backup of Replicas from the DPM volume the night before.  I'm in the process of attempting to clean up existing Replica volumes that have too much allocated space in, them causing no available space for backups.  DPM2007 on Server2003 SP2.  2TB volume available.  Allocated space is 2TB now, hence, backups are failing.

    The only other odd thing in Event Viewer is an event 136, "The evaluation period for this instance of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services has expired.  A license is now required."  However, this appears to have been occuring for some time now, and has not prevented backups from being performed in the past.  I'm thinking it's from a separate instance of a DPM install for testing prior to deploying, which was torn down later, except they may have missed removing this part.

    Rebooting does not solve the problem.  There is no DPM Replication Agent service in the Services list, I've restarted the services listed (only DPM and SQLAgent$MS$DPM2007$ were stopped.  Try restarting the console again, get same error.  How can I resolve this issue?  Or what direction do I take to troubleshoot it?

    Tuesday, September 21, 2010 3:03 PM