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  • Apparently, I have at one time logged in with both my personal email address and with Facebook, leading to two different accounts in HealthVault. Is there a way I can consolidate those two accounts into one? I'd like to be able to log in with either my personal email address, or Facebook, and access the same data either way. 

    I'm not a player, I just code a lot.

    Tuesday, February 5, 2013 1:30 PM

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  • Hi,

    Yes, you can solve this problem! To make the explanation as clear as possible (!), I'm calling one account "good" and one account "bad". "Good" should be the account that holds the most information or has app connections you don't want to have to redo (especially if you've connected to a hospital, pharmacy, or lab). At the end of this process, you'll close "bad", and you'll be able to log into "good" with both credentials.

    If you have records for *different* people in the two accounts: Log in to "bad" and share the records to yourself, by sending a sharing invitation to yourself, with Custodian permissions. Log out of "bad" (that's important!) and then click the link in the Sharing invitation(s) you sent yourself. Sign in with the credentials for "good", and accept the invitations. If you were using any apps with those records, you'll need to hook them up again.

    On the other hand, if you've got data for the *same* person in both accounts, that's a bit more challenging. Most data can be exported and then re-imported. CCD is a good format for that. (On the Health Information page, click the More Actions drop-down and choose Export.) If you've got any files in the record, you'll need to download them and then re-upload them in the "good" account. Again, log all the way out of "bad" account, log in to "good" account and upload the information.

    Once you're satisfied that your "good" account has everything you need, you can go ahead and close "bad". But unfortunately you'll need to wait for 90 days for the credential you used with "bad" to be freed up. That's because we keep your data on the servers for 90 days in case you change your mind about closing an account.

    Once the credential is freed up, it's easy to add a second credential to an account. Just log in to "good", and click "Your account" at the top of the HealthVault page after you log in. The interface for that is changing in the next day or so (hopefully getting easier!) so I won't give you steps but it should be clear. Write back if you have an issue.

    We *are* working on making this process easier. In the meantime, I hope this information helps you solve your problem.

    Tuesday, February 5, 2013 11:24 PM
  • I think I have the same issue as the original submitter with some minor differences.  I have the HealthVault app on my iPhone and the only way to log into the app is with an Outlook account. Sadly, I created my original HealthVault account using the Facebook SSO, so all my data is aligned in that account. 

    Please advise how I can either log into the app using Facebook OR easily upload all the information from my Facebook/HealthVault account to my Outlook account. 

    Wednesday, September 21, 2016 5:48 PM
  • We are ending support of Facebook sign-in. To move your data from your Facebook sign-in account to Outlook account:

    1. From PC browser, sign in to https://account.healthvault.com/signin/facebook/ with your Facebook ID

    2. Export to CCD

    3. Sign in to your Outlook account at https://account.healthvault.com/signin/liveid/

    4. Upload CCD file

    Takashi Moriyama | Senior Program Manager | Microsoft Health

    Tuesday, September 27, 2016 6:44 PM