multivalue PerformancePoint filter not passing correct values to the chart RRS feed

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  • I have a performancepoint filter thats based off a sql view, the view is as below :

    FiscalYearDisplay FiscalYearValue
    FY 2009 2009
    FY 2010 2010
    FY 2011 2011
    FY 2012 2012
    FY 2013 2013

    I have a SSRS report that has a parameter that is set to accept a list of fiscal years.  The parameter is set as below:

    Name : FYYearsList

    Data type : Text

    Allow Blank Values (checked)

    Allow Multiple Values (checked)

    I linked the SSRS report to the filter, with the source value set to FiscalYearDisplay (I take care of stripping the "FY " inside the stored proc of the report).  

    The problem is that the values being passed from the filter to the report seems very random.  The values that I choose in the "Fiscal Years" tree filter does not always match the values being passed into the report's stored procedure.  As a result, the report seems to show data for a different set of fiscal years than what was selected.  The report is fine, and is returning the data based on what is being passed INTO the stored proc.  I know this because I put a SQL Profiler trace to see what values are being passed.  It looks like something is amiss between teh filter and the report webpart.

    How can I figure out what the issue is, and what to do about it ?  This is a very critical and urgent issue, and any advise would be highly appreciated.  

    Thank you !


    Tuesday, September 4, 2012 8:56 PM

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  • I setup the same scenario on a test machine and setup a textbox on the SSRS report to display the parameter values and it is working as expected within the PerformancePoint dashboard.  You might want to do the same to see what is happening to troubleshoot by adding a textbox on the report with the expression:


    You might want to review how you have the data source setup in PerformancePoint as well.  Did you take a look at the View portion of the data source and setup the FiscalYearValue as Key and FiscalYearDisplay as Dimension (that should be the default for the display column though)?

    Other than that, it would be good to know what version of PerformancePoint you are using and what build number you are on (what SharePoint build are you running), but this should work just fine.

    Dan English's BI Blog

    Friday, September 7, 2012 12:27 PM