Controlling my Windows10 Desktop PC with a Android Galaxy Tab S3 Tablet using Bluetooth RRS feed

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  • With a Gembird Bluetooth dongle (CSR4.0) fitted in an USB prt (USB2 or 3) of my DESKTOP PC with Windows 10 I have coupled this DESKTOP PC with a Tablet Galaxy Tab S3 with Android 7 (Bluetooth ON) as follows:

    1- Dongle in USB port (a blue led is flashing, low rate),
    2- On Tablet Bluetooth swithched on,
    3- Tablet is scanning and found the Deskop PC (name of PC),
    4- On tablet I requested a coupling with the Desktop PC,
    5- After 2 seconds on the tablet screen a window with a code number appeared which was sent from PC and at the same time a code number appeared on the DESKTOP screen.
    Both numbers are the same. On both devices an acknowledge is given.
    Both devices are coupled.

    Now I like to find an app. on the Tablet which shows the DESKTOP screen on the tablet screen. Probably it could be necessary to also use a server app. on the DESKTOP PC, but I am not sure of.
    Then I like to start a DESKTOP program from the tablet screen. So I can control that program which is running on the DESKTOP PC from my Tablet.

    At the location of the devices there is no Internet or WIFI.

    How can I manage that?
    Thank you for your help.

    Monday, January 15, 2018 3:55 PM