How do you create a remote desktop environment?

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  • I  have Windows 8.1 Pro and want to use my Android device to communicate with my PC. I downloaded Windows Remote Desktop app from the Play store and want to know how to setup/configure my pc so it will talk to my phone. I don't have access to another Windows 8 PC, nor am I part of a work group. I just want to use my S4 to access my HP DV7 6C90US. I looked all over the internet for two hours and at at least 30 different guides that weren't helpful. I allowed Remote Desktop access to my computer, and I tried to mess with my ISP settings. Nothing's worked. I don't have credentials for my PC, nor a website either,This is a personal laptop and local Remote accessing through MS app would be great. I've tried other Remote Desktop apps like Splashtop, VPN, RDM, and others. They're all too laggy.
    Wednesday, October 23, 2013 11:00 PM

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