Enabling Performance monitoring to investigate on a critical unknown issue ......


  • Hi,

    I have enabled the performance monitoring in the windows server 2008 for the selective counters in 1 sec interval.

    1.PROCESSES:-Handle Count,Private bytes,Thread count,Virtual bytes

    2.Processor counters are the % Processor Time counter, the % User Time counter, and the % Privileged Time counter.

    3.Memory counters: Available Kbytes counter and the Pages/sec counter

    4.Hard Disk Counters: Average Disk Queue Length, Disk bytes/sec, and Free Megabytes

    5.Network : network counters are Bytes Total/sec and Output Queue Length

    With the above list of counters added selectively to the dataset collected in 1 sec interval monitoring ,and when run for approximately 2 minutes, the size of the data is roughly between 2-3 MB.I need to run the same for 9 hours daily for 5 weeks in test basis to troubleshoot the critical issue  existing in the server,

    My question is how much disk space will the performance logs take if run for a period of 9 hours .Is that calculated roughly by multiplying the disk space occupied in 1 minute multiplied by 60 minutes for 1 hour basis and calculating for 9 hours.

    Or how it would be....Any inputs is highly appreciated

    Thanks & Regards S.Swaminathan Live & let others live!!!

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