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  • Hello All, 

    I have been recently new with projectmanagement and the world of microsoft projects. 

    We have in our company a purchaser and we are really dependent to the delivery dates of our partners/suppliers.

    I want to create an environment where the purchaser could easily check the box that he have ordered the good and when he needs to order to stay on track. Also by the same article needs to put a delivery time for this.

    I have made in MS projects on the dekstop an in my opinion a logical order for e.g.: 

    1. Design: Giving the deadlines to specific the ordered goods for the project and make production drawings for the project. 
    2. Purchasing: A complete list of items which needs to be ordered and delivered by external suppliers to make the project to an succesfull end. For example: Item A ( as summary task)  with two task in that summary task: ordered and delivery time. 
    3. Production: This will be the end assembly of the ordered goods. 
    4. Delivery: This will be packaging, testing etc. 

    What i want to reach is that the purchaser gets a dailly list of the for him to purchase the project goods. So completing the task: ordered and add a delivery time, which will be visible for all the members. 

    The problem is that microsoft task list is creating automatically a list with all the task in chronological time order and " Mix al the subtasks with eachother. So i will see 200 times order under eachother and not order with its summary task which defines what to order.

    See here in the links some screenshots.

    Could you guys please give me some advise how i can do this better or get a better view? 

    Thank you very much!! 

    Friday, August 16, 2019 12:33 PM

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  • Tonvdheidden,

    I would suggest adding the column "Task Summary Name" to the Purchasing report.

    As a rule, every task name should be unique, describing the scope of the task without reliance on summary task hierarchy.  You have shown one of many good reasons for this rule.  As long as your task hierarchy is free of duplicates, then the Task Summary Name column can be useful.

    Good luck, tom 

    Friday, August 16, 2019 1:21 PM
  • Hi Tom, 

    Thank you for your kind answer. 

    I understand the rule, but we have a lot of custom parts, where describing those parts will be a very long tasks. 

    I want to see in an eye blink what have been ordered and what the delivery time is and the consequences of the delivery time. 

    How could i do this for a major project and even multiple project, whereby not having the parts in will delay the whole project? 

    Could someone advise me, maybe with a printscreen, how you should work with a purchaser? 

    Thank you 

    Friday, August 16, 2019 1:43 PM