Why does Windows sometimes prompt me for authentication login and password when opening SharePoint 2007 doc library .doc files? RRS feed

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  • Platform – XP on desktop, Office 2010 installed, IE 7

    Server – SharePoint 2007, service pack 1

    In _some_ SharePoint Doc libraries, attempting to access .doc or .xls documents results in document being opened. However, in _other_ libraries (same site), the user is prompted for their login and password.

    In the original report, a second issue is that when the user entered his login and password, it does not appear to be accepted - he gets prompted several times, then gets a page indicating that he does not have permissions to access the file.


    He is in the owners group, and the owner’s group has full control.

    The user was forced by his XP laptop to change passwords last Friday.

    He is able to log into his laptop with his login and the new password.

    He is able to access the SharePoint site and see the top level portal, without authentication issues.

    He is able to open .txt or .pdf files, without authentication.

    He is unable to open Word or Excel documents in some of his libraries.

    He has been re-added to the owner group for the site. No difference to the behavior occurred.

    When he uses Firefox, he is not prompted for login and password when opening the documents.

    When he downloads the files, he has no problem doing so.

    When the authentication dialog is checked in the process manager, it is associated to WinWord.exe

    It doesn’t matter how many times he attempts to enter his login and password – they always fail.

    Another user – me – when accessing the same site as spsadmin, is also prompted when attempting to open the .doc files. When I enter my login credentials, they succeed and the document opens.  Each time I attempt to open a Word or Excel document, I am prompted – unless I leave a previous version of the application that prompted me open. If _I_ use Firefox, the problem does not occur.

    The odd thing, for me at least, is that when I move to another document library in the same site, I am not prompted for authentication when opening .doc files.

    Tuesday, July 17, 2012 6:47 PM